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KA-BAR Introduces First Flipper in the Mark 98


Nearly two decades after Kit Carson popularized the flipper tab in folders, KA-BAR is finally getting in the flipper game with the Mark 98.

The KA-BAR Mark 98 is a beefy knife with a design that echoes some of the brand’s fixed blade offerings. The spear-point blade is 3.5 inches — complete with a fuller to help cut down on the weight of the knife. It doesn’t do much, however, as the weight is about 5.6 ounces. Also, the steel is 5Cr15, so don’t expect it to hold an edge for too long.

The handle is made from durable G-10 with colors that remind users of other KA-BAR knives, including the iconic fixed blade.

But, it’s the flipper that makes this new KA-BAR stand out. While I’ve been questioning the need for KA-BAR to jump into the flipper game, it’s an interesting venture that may give the company a boost to create more flippers.

So far, initial reviews have been pretty positive, especially since this knife is dirt cheap. Here’s one of the first YouTube reviews:

I would put this knife in the same category as the Folding Dozier — another cheap offering from KA-BAR that’s gotten praise from many people.

If KA-BAR can make a cheap, hard-working flipper, it may be able to push itself into the already crowded flipper market. If not, it could be just a failed experiment.


  1. I expect they’ll sell a passel of them.

  2. It looks nice, classic yet that very deep and visually obvious fuller is different and of course ties it to the Marine Corp Ka-Bar. Personally I’d buy it, not because it is a “flipper”, but due to the handle shape, the wooden grip or slabs and the nice shape and color of the blade.
    I understand from a marketing perspective that it is flipper and thus competes in that market segment of folding knives, but I think people will consider other elements and it’s general appeal. I like lock backs myself, but some of my best folding knives are liner locks and a few, more preferred frame lock knives. I prefer manual knives on a daily basis to assisted or auto opening models, but I have a few of those too.
    My one and only peeve is the steel. I know it’ll sharpen fast and easy, but I am used to 8Cr13MoV or 9Cr18MoV steels and the usual 440 stuff. But for a low price such as my Gerber Shark Belly or other softer steel blades coming out for under $30, I would buy it.

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