Case is an institution almost as American as apple pie and baseball.

These are the kinds of knives your great granddad used to carry out into the fields during harvest. They’re the kind of knives your dad whittled on the porch with as a kid. And they’re the kind of knife you can carry to a black-tie event.

The Case Mini Copperlock is one those knives that’s versatile enough to do it all.

What makes the Mini Copperlock stand out from some of the other Case knives is that it has a backlock mechanism. Slipjoints have a time and a place, but when the job requires just too much force, a locking folder is safer.

The Mini Copperlock has an interesting blade design with a clip point profile accented by a swedge. A fuller close to the spine helps reduce the weight slightly while acting as an easily accessible opening notch.

This Case pattern comes in different variations, but the Amber Bone is particularly notable. The golden-amber hued scales feature dark Peachseed jigging that provides a slightly worn look as well as a better grip.

Accented by the polished nickel silver bolsters, the handle scales give this knife an authentic look and feel.

For more info on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Case Mini Copperlock.



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