When you’re on the side of a cliff a couple thousand feet above the ground, nothing is more important than a strong knife… well, maybe a secure foothold is a little more important but a solid knife is still vital.

2406-niad-on-carabiner-WEB_large8_761That’s why CRKT is releasing an array of new knives optimized for hard-core climbers: the Bivy, Niad, and Hyphenate.

Because CRKT wanted to do things the right way, the company enlisted the help of someone who knows a thing or two about climbing—Hans Florine.

Pretty much all of Florine’s accomplishments leave me with sweaty palms, but his ultimate claim to fame is breaking the record for speed climbing the Nose route on El Capitan in Yosemite. Florine ascended 2,900 vertical feet in 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 46 seconds.

This new line was created in response to Florine’s desire for reliable and effortless tools. Here’s what he said in one of CRKT’s press releases:

“I wanted things that were simple, lightweight and safe,” Florine recalls “And in climbing, sometimes you have to fashion those for yourself. I’m glad to now be working with CRKT to put these knives and tools into production.”

Let’s delve a little further into the three knives.



The Niad is a highly compact and lightweight folding knife that’s a mere .6 oz. It has a small 1.56-inch Veff flat top serrated blade with a chisel grind. The titanium handle is resistant to corrosion and the loop makes it easy to attach to a carabiner.



The Hyphenate is similar to the Niad in many ways, except it’s a fixed blade. The Hyphenate is still very lightweight, but it’s 1.2 oz. The blade is 2.23 inches long and has Veff serrations. It’s a knife for the minimalist and also features holes in the handle to cut down on weight and attach to a carabiner.



The Bivy is a lightweight yet handy multitool that’s optimized for single-handed operation, which is key when setting up camp or rigging. It has spring-assisted pliers, two types of screwdrivers, a 2.92-inch liner-locking blade, marlinspike, and more. It also has a pocket clip for easy carry.

Although the three knives are made specifically with climbing in mind, they’re versatile enough to work well in a variety of situations. The items are not yet available for purchase, but we’ll update this post when they are.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at Tim@knife-depot.com.
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