Sometimes, our Badass Knife of the Week gets the honor for more reasons than just being a well-constructed knife. Sometimes the background of the knife makes it even more badass. Here’s what we wrote about our latest Badass Knife of the Week—the Buck 245 Matt Would Go—when it was first announced in January:

By all accounts, Special Warfare Operator First Class (SEAL) Matthew J. Leathers was an amazing human being. Not only was he a highly decorated SEAL but he was also someone his friends and family describe as a nice guy who would give others the shirt off his back.

When Leathers was lost at sea during a training exercise off the coast of Hawaii in 2013, the military suffered a huge loss.

But thanks to Buck Knives and Leathers’ father, his legacy will live on in the badass 245 Matt Would Go—a knife designed by Leathers himself.

Featuring a 4-inch drop point blade made from tough-as-nails 5160 steel, the 245 MWG is built to withstand nearly anything you can throw at it.

The original was thrown together using steel from a coil spring scrounged from a scrapped Humvee and tempered with a mailbox. Although the Buck version is a bit more finely tuned, it maintains the same toughness and scrappiness as the original.

Its handle is made from custom multicolor Micarta scales, which are wrapped around an extended tang that’s useful for smashing glass and close-quarters combat. It also comes with a textured Kydex sheath.

Buck honored the combat veteran by making his knife and naming it the 245 Matt Would Go. The model number 245 is a tribute to his SEAL team class and “Matt Would Go” is a phrase coined by his fellow soldiers in recognition of his selflessness and courage. Leathers’ name is also emblazoned on the back of the black-coated blade.

Made in the United States with a lifetime warranty, the 9-inch knife is a badass blade with a badass background. Even better, part of the net sales will go to the MattWouldGo LLC, which donates to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Buck 245 Matt Would Go.