Tigers hold a special place in the pantheon of mythology. They are known for their mysticism, understated power, solitary lifestyle, and courage.

Knife designer Andrew Demko adapts the claw of the mighty beast into a Cold Steel design known simply as the Tiger Claw.

The Tiger Claw is a folding karambit with a 3-inch blade that mimics the versatility, strength, and retractability of a real tiger claw.

Made from premium XHP steel, the blade boasts a patented Demko thumb plate that allows for single-motion deployment straight from the pocket. The plate also allows for easy opening with either hand.

If you think this knife is only for self-defense, think again. Demko designed this knife while working as an electrician and engineer. He wanted something that could cut rope and wire while still being adaptable enough for anything else you might encounter.

To say he succeeded is an understatement.

The handle features a minimalist design with slim line CNC machined G-10 scales with a black aluminum ring that gives the user the option for several grips.

On top of all that, the blade locks into place using Demko’s reliable Tri-Ad locking mechanism. Also available with a serrated edge.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Cold Steel Tiger Claw.