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Kershaw Amplitude 2.5 – Badass Knife of the Week

The EDC knife these days has ballooned in size and price. Some knives touted as everyday carry tools boast 3.5-inch blades and shocking pricetags. Well, our latest Badass Knife of the Week shows a small EDC folder at a reasonable price is still an excellent option.

The Kershaw Amplitude 2.5 is a small pocket knife designed by Todd Rexford, a knifemaker known for his clean lines and understated looks.

Featuring a 2.5-inch blade, the Amplitude 2.5 comes in at an overall length of 6 inches when fully open. Despite the smaller size and low profile, the knife is designed to slice. The blade bursts open every time using the SpeedSafe assisted-opening mechanism. The steel is 8Cr13MoV, a working steel that’s easy to maintain.

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Watch YouTuber Make a Knife From a Stone

Kiwami Japan is one of the my favorite YouTubers out there. Not only do his videos show the process of turning some extraordinary material into a knife but they typically follow some sort of entertaining or bizarre story structure.

For example, his latest video saw his toy dog die and he had to make an unbreakable and unscratchable knife to hold its picture. I’ll just stick that here for your enjoyment:

But one of my favorite of his recent videos is a pretty straightforward video on making a primitive knife out of stone. Continue reading

20 Knife Gift Ideas Under $50

If you’re like me, trying to find a gift is the worst. Fortunately, for you, helping you find the perfect gift is part of my job.

I’ve written about 20 different knife-related gifts for under $20 with some great options. But, if your budget for a good friend or little brother is a little higher, we got you covered.

Here are 20 knife-related gift ideas for under $50. These include some of the best-sellers at Knife Depot and products people have been excited about recently.

1. Spyderco Tenacious

We’ll start with an easy option that just ekes in under the budget: the Spyderco Tenacious. This is not only one of our best-sellers, but it is one of the most renowned budget knives around. It showcases all that Spyderco has to offer in an affordable package.

This version has a 3.38-inch 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, grippy G-10 handle, and pronounced Round Hole. For under $50, it’s hard to find such a beloved knife as this.

2. Kershaw Reverb

The Reverb is an interesting little knife. This futuristic-looking folder was named one of the top sellers of 2017 by Knife News, and it’s not hard to see why. The small 2.5-inch blade is versatile and its machined recess allows for easy, one-handed opening.

A combo G-10 and carbon fiber handle adds some texture to the grip while a carabiner in the back allows for versatile carry. The best part about this knife is you can really take it anywhere you go.

3. Schrade Old Timer 6OT Golden Bear

From the modern to the classic, the next item under $50 is the Old Timer 6OT Golden Bear from Schrade. I’ve always been a big fan of Old Timer knives — the saw cut Delrin handles and the brass bolsters/pins give this knife a look that harkens back to the days of old.

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Ontario OKC-3S Bayonet – Badass Knife of the Week

Yesterday was Veterans Day. We thought it would make sense for the Badass Knife of the Week be an actual knife that has been used and still gets used by the military.

Enter the OKC-3S Bayonet.

The Ontario Knife Company OKC-3S Bayonet is a multipurpose fixed blade designed by the United States Marine Corps to be used as a bayonet for M16 rifles.

In the grand scheme of things, the OKC-3S is a relatively recent design that outperformed nearly three dozen other knives submitted for evaluation to the Marine Corps. This multipurpose bayonet was the best in just about every category, which is why it was issued to Marines starting in the early 2000s.

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If the design looks familiar, it makes sense. This knife is essentially an amalgamation of all the tried-and-true designs that came before — from the iconic KA-BAR to the M-7 Bayonet.

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Knife Rights Appeals NYC Gravity Knife Case to Supreme Court

Knife Rights has announced it is appealing a case related to the abusive enforcement of New York’s gravity knife ban to the Supreme Court.

Earlier this year, a panel on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in favor of New York City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr in the suit brought by Knife Rights. Knife Rights alleges that the city’s policy of treating pretty much any locking folder as an illegal gravity is unjust.

We’ve written about this case for a few years now (read my 2011 article on the initial lawsuit) and have covered all the twists and turns of the story — including efforts by the state legislators to remedy the issue only to be twice thwarted by the governor.

With the appeals court ruling in favor of the city, Knife Rights only has one more option: the Supreme Court. The lobbying organization is submitting a petition for a writ of certiorari, which asks the highest court in the land to hear the appeal.

The Supreme Court is asked to hear roughly 7,000 to 8,000 cases each year but only picks a small handful. So, the odds of the court accepting the case is slim.

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20 Knife Gift Ideas For Under $20

Finding a gift for someone is stress, whether it’s a small Christmas gift for a coworker, a graduation gift for your little brother, or a present for Father’s Day.

But don’t worry; we have your back with a good knife.

Here’s a look at 20 easy knife-related gift ideas that are sure to get some genuine smiles and thanks. The best part is that everything’s under $20.

1. Engraved HallMark Lockback


We’ll start with an easy one—the HallMark Stainless Steel Lockback. This is one of our bestsellers at the moment. Why? You can get this reliable little folder laser-engraved with an inscription of your choice for only $14.99. That alone makes this gift a no-brainer.

The knife is nothing to scoff at either. It’s a HallMark folder with a 2-inch blade and smooth stainless steel handles. It’s the perfect little knife to fit in your pocket.


2. Kershaw Shuffle

Kershaw makes a darn good knife, and you can see its eye for design with the Kershaw Shuffle. This $19.99 knife is an excellent stocking stuffer thanks to its compact design. But this hugely popular knife isn’t just for show. It’s a tough utility knife with a built-in bottle opener and screwdriver/lanyard hole in the handle. The interesting K-texture is grippy and durable.

The Shuffle comes in a few different colors, but our favorite aside from the standard model featured here is the Black Shuffle.


3. Cold Steel Karambit


You can get more than just folders for under $20 too. Check out the Cold Steel FGX Grivory Karambit. The karambit is designed after the claws of large cats found in the jungles of Indonesia. It’s primarily a fighting or self-defense tool, but it also makes a great addition to any collection.

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Cold Steel Finn Wolf – Badass Knife of the Week

The puukko is an old and basic fixed blade design that’s been used in the Nordic countries as an everyday knife for hunting and gardening. Cold Steel decided to put its own twist on the classic design with the Finn Wolf.

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf is a folding version of the Finnish puukko knife with a true Scandi grind and modern flourishes, like the Tri-Ad lock and Griv-Ex handle scales.

The blade itself is 3.5 inches long and is made of Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel, an alloy that’s resistant to rust and easy to sharpen. Without any microbevel, the edge is a true Scandi grind. This makes the blade excellent at woodworking and other outdoor tasks.

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Will Victorinox Add Clips to Swiss Army Knives?

I’m a huge fan of Victorinox. The almost ancient company has evolved over its decades in existence and always works to improve.

In 2013, the company offered its very first lockback knife aimed at hunters aptly called the Hunter Pro. It wasn’t the first locking Swiss Army Knife because there were a few liner locking folders in the lineup as well, such as the Sentinel. And the Hunter Pro isn’t really a Swiss Army Knife because it only has one blade but it offered an interesting new direction for the company.

Just recently, Victorinox released a new version of the knife called the Hunter Pro M, which could give yet another hint at a new area the company is exploring.

The Hunter Pro M exchanges the walnut wood or polyamide scales for Alox. Aluminum scales were first added to Swiss Army Knives in the 1950s and have remained popular among knife nuts thanks to the material’s durability, looks, and light weight. If I’m not mistaken, this is the largest knife to have Alox scales.

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10 Striking Orange Knives


If you look at all the colors that knives and their handles come in, you’ll notice a trend. Yup, they’re pretty much all black. Black is a popular color for knives because of its lowkey appearance and versatility.

While the majority of people opt for those sexy black knives, it’s the other colors that don’t get enough love. So we decided to do a series of posts dedicated to those knives in different colors.

So today we’re looking at orange knives.

1. KA-BAR Dozier

First up on the list is the KA-BAR Bob Dozier Folding Hunter. This iteration of the popular EDC features the blaze orange handle with a black blade and thumb stud. This blade is usually considered one of the best budget EDC knives around because of its reasonable 3-inch blade and relatively low cost.

2. ESEE-4

Next is the ESEE-4 with Orange Handle. The ESEE-4 was previously named a Badass Knife of the Week because of its extreme durability. The knife’s bright orange G-10 handle scales are brought to life even more by the green blade.

3. Spyderco Endura 4

The Spyderco Endura 4 was included on our last of 20 most iconic knives ever. This is the same Endura 4 we all know and love—3.75-inch VG-10 blade—but with orange FRN handle scales.

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KA-BAR Swabbie – Badass Knife of the Week

A few years back, the zombie craze took the knife world by storm. No company upped the zombie killer game better than KA-BAR.

Although the fad has mostly died out, one knife from the KA-BAR Zombie Killer collection remains a fan favorite — the KA-BAR Swabbie.

The Swabbie is a long fixed blade that’s based off the curved short sword known as the scimitar. The blade stretches 12.5 inches and is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel, a popular steel among KA-BAR fixed blades. The scimitar blade shape is surprisingly versatile with a deep slicing belly and a piercing point.

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