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A knife that freezes organs then blows them up… yes, it’s real

The only thing cooler than a knife that slices is one that blows up organs when it’s stabbed into an animal.

Although this knife isn’t exactly new, it’s been making headlines for its recent appearance on “Law & Order: SVU” as the weapon that killed John Stamos.

The aptly named WASP Injector Knife shoots a compressed basketball-sized ball of gas into the victim where it instantly freezes then explodes the internal organs at 800psi.

You might be wondering why anyone would need this knife besides the criminals on “Law & Order” and those looking to blow up watermelons (see video below). The target consumer of the knife is the diver who frequently encounters gigantic vicious sharks who aren’t deterred by regular stabs from a knife.

Reportedly, if the knife is used correctly on a shark, the compressed gas will freeze its inside, so blood doesn’t begin to pool around the shark thus not attracting more. Once it kills the shark, the ball of gas will cause its carcass to float to the surface.

I don’t think anyone’s used it on a shark (or really needed to), but if they did, that diver would definitely be one of the coolest entries in the Knives Save Lives series.

If you’re curious how it works, the knife comes with three cartridges that you have to reload after each use. There is a trigger for your thumb that releases the gas.

Any knife that comes with the warning “WASP Injection Systems, Inc. does not condone the killing of innocent creatures” has to be really cool.

Although these knives are impractical for daily use, the cheapest model will cost you about $400.


  1. i heard something about this, it seems pretty awesome!

  2. Ah the power of liquid nitrogen

  3. This is a great invention but what scares me about someone purchasing a knife like this is that it is so extremely dangerous. In the hands of the wrong person it could be a deadly weapon if used in the wrong manner. I don’t know if there are laws, rules, or regulations on how to and who can buy this but there should be if there’s not. It seems like it could be a very dangerous weapon that is way to easy for just anyone to get. Just think of all stabbing victims out there that survived. Now what happens when these creeps find out about them and purchase one of these? It’s almost certain death to the unfortunate victim. To be able to own this type of knife it should be required to have a background criminal record check and be of sound mind and an age where the person is able to make responsible and safe decisions. There should also be a waver that must be signed upon purchasing that explains to the buyer that the item will only be used by the person for the manner is was designed for. Also there should be a way to track who has bought one possibly a specific one using serial numbers, similar laws like when purchasing a gun or getting a concealed weapon permit. Just my opinion. I would like to hear what others think of my comment so please let me know. Thank you.

    • loosey goose117

      May 28, 2017 at 9:40 am

      you are retarded and liberal.

    • Phuckyourselfx2

      June 30, 2017 at 10:39 am

      So if I shove a co2 paintball gun up your liberal, cuck, stupid ass in an attempt to re inflate your brainwashed inindoctrinated head, and you die should paintball guns require background checks? Fyi if someone really wants to kill you with a knife they dont need co2 to finish the job. Democratic socialist meat puppet.

    • If the intent it evil the weapon is anything.

    • Geez not another one of you people…guns and or knives don’t kill people… Killers kill people… Just like cars don’t kill people but in the wrong hands usually women..or liberals…they kill 1000s every day…but for some reason I don’t see many women/liberals hollering to ban automobiles.. Which makes exactly as much sense as banning a weapon… And besides since when do criminals give a shit about laws…if they were a background check etc..kind of nonsense that keeps weapons out of the hands of innocent responsible people…wake up lady…because your freaking dreaming and an idiot for talking the nonsense you speak

  4. Great Invention — but please use as a last result ( think about the poor
    endangered shark ? )

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