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9 Spyderco Knives to Consider Buying in 2020

You may not know it, but every manufacturer sure does: The knife industry is no joke.

Business is booming, so endless brands are competing for your buck. No matter how many times you’ve shopped, if you’re really a knife fan, you’re not sticking to one brand. Naturally, you try as many as you can.

So before you choose your next knife, you have to decide. But there are so many brands out there—how do you choose?

Don’t even worry about it. This is what you want right now: Spyderco knives.

These are the facts: For over 40 years, Spyderco has been an innovator. Offering the best in both form and function, they’re a knife fan’s dream.

Now that you know your brand, what model will you choose? Whether you’re new or a seasoned expert, it’s vital to get all the opinions you can before you make a purchase.

To help you out, here’s a list of nine of the best Spyderco knives to buy in 2020.

1. Paramilitary 2

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is arguably the best Spyderco knife out there. It’s gotten rave reviews from knife lovers everywhere, and here’s why:

Your Everyday Spyderco Flipper

  • The Paramilitary 2 is beyond easy to open and hold
  • Its full flat ground blade makes for effortless cutting
  • It’s become a basic necessity for any knife aficionado; you don’t want to be caught without one

2. Dragonfly 2 Salt

Do you spend a lot of time around water? Will you be bringing your knife on a boat?

Then the Dragonfly 2 Salt is for you.

Corrosion-Proof Quality

  • The Dragonfly 2 is compact; only about 3″ when folded
  • This or anything else from Spyderco’s Salt line will not corrode
  • Spyderco designed its grip for manageable cutting

3. Atlantic Salt

Do you need something truly rust-proof, but the Dragonfly 2 Salt isn’t doing it for you? Try the Atlantic, another knife in Spyderco’s Salt line.

Greatest of Grips

  • Unlike the standard Dragonfly 2, the Atlantic sports a serrated blade
  • The Atlantic’s handle stands out as perhaps the best Spyderco grip
  • Its convenient pocket clip means you won’t ever lose it, even if you somehow lose hold on that excellent handle

4. SpydieChef

Yes, it has “chef” in the name, but you don’t need to be one to improve your life with the Spyderco SpydieChef.

Reliable and Durable

  • Its titanium handle resists breakage to an extreme degree
  • The blade, made of premium LC200N steel, is almost as resistant to corrosion as the Salt series’ blades are
  • The blade’s length, slightly over 3 inches, is perfect for many uses, in or out of the kitchen

5. Manix 2

Are you looking for something special in your knife? You could look into personalized engraved knives, but for those looking for something more like varieties on one great knife, the Manix 2 is an excellent choice.

More Options for Your Convenience

  • The Manix 2 opens easily to reveal a high-quality blade
  • If you want a unique, flashy handle, check out the variations on the Manix 2
  • If the 5 oz standard version is too heavy for you, worry not; there’s a lightweight option as well

6. Endura 4 Lightweight

Speaking of lightweight knives, the Endura 4 Lightweight is a variation on a classic Spyderco model.

Strength Without the Bulk

  • The Endura 4’s fiberglass/nylon blend handle lasts through most anything
  • The paramilitary-style blade is great for both cutting and stabbing
  • As a bonus, it comes in almost any color you could possibly want

7. Delica

The Delica has a lot in common with the Endura; it’s pretty much a smaller version of the same model. That should give you a hint that it’s not delicate, in spite of its name. They’re both classics for a reason.

Small but Mighty

  • The Delica gives you the chance to try the Endura style in a smaller package, which is great if a larger knife doesn’t suit your needs
  • As with the Endura, the scales on the Delica’s handle give you a strong grip on the knife
  • Spyderco ensures your safety with a lock that’s designed with a focus on avoiding accidental opening

8. Sage

Knives are great tools, and you love the wide range of what they can do and the capabilities they give you. As a knife fan though, you’re looking for something more: You want outstanding form as well as function.

If you’ve been accumulating knives for a while now, you probably have a sense of nostalgia for vintage knives. The Spyderco Sage knives should hit the spot.

Celebrate the Art of Knives

  • Spyderco’s Sage is an homage to knifemaking, with a particular lock style featured in each variety
  • This journey through knife history combines the nostalgia you crave with the modern function you need
  • The Sage’s basic spear blade is a knife lover’s essential, giving you a great opportunity to try the different handle styles

9. Tenacious

Spyderco’s Tenacious series offers a good-sized, quality knife at a very reasonable price. You can’t beat that.

A Pocketknife Affordable Out-Of-Pocket

  • Compared to some knives, the Tenacious is a steal, coming in well under $100
  • Despite the cheap price, Tenacious is a great performer
  • Blade variations give you plenty of options to decide from, and all of them are excellent

Browse Our Spyderco Knives

You just read about nine great Spyderco knives, which is a great first step in researching your 2020 knife purchases.

Nine is a good number of knives to choose from, but this list isn’t definitive. Honestly, no list could be, when there are virtually endless models of Spyderco knives to choose from!

Where should you go from here? Let this collection of Spyderco models guide yours, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

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