Imagine this scenario. You wake up from a coma in an abandoned hospital. You can’t tell how long you’ve been out, but things seem to be completely different from what you once knew. As you’re exploring, you come across a group of hideously decomposed bodies. The only problem is these dead guys aren’t really dead at all. They are actually flesh-eating zombies looking to kill you. What could you possibly do?

Well, in the likely event of a zombie apocalypse (2012 is just a few weeks away, you know), Gerber is selling an Apocalypse Survival Kit, which comes equipped with three types of machetes, an axe, a fixed blade knife and a folder. Gerber knives, which is a brand that’s no stranger to exposure on television (see Bear Grylls), supplied these items for the season opener of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead.

Since Gerber was able to help out the characters of the show with some amazing tools, they figured it would also benefit the greater population to offer the tools as a proactive measure for that inevitable zombie invasion. Unfortunately, the kits sold out quickly, but you can still buy each of the tools individually. For example, no apocalypse survivor or self-proclaimed zombie hunter should go without this badass Gerber Gator Machete Pro or awesome Survival Series Bear Grylls Parang.

If you’re having any doubts about the usefulness of these tools against an army of undead, check out the descriptions found on Gerber’s site.

Gerber Epic – “For an ambidextrous slayer of the undead, the Gerber Epic should be your first choice. The low profile and sleek design makes the Epic a perfect minimal knife for the walker hunter that moves quickly and quietly in hostile territory.”

Camp Axe II – “It’s our single-hand axe made for close quarter confrontations with a walker. It has an elongated handle which means more forceful bone crushing with every swing. Complete with a molded plastic sheath, this is Gerber’s essential hand axe for survival in a post-outbreak society.”

Finally, check out this clip to see these post-apocalyptic weapons in action.


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