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Worst Knife Thrower Ever Nearly Kills Assistant (Video)

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve practiced or how skilled you are, there is absolutely no way in hell I’d ever let you throw a knife in the vicinity of my head.

There could be an earthquake at the last second, the knife thrower could get a sudden bout of the hiccups, the knife could slip out of the hand, or, as was the case on a Lithuanian reality show, the person could simply be awful at throwing knives.

Lithuania’s Got Talent featured one of the worst knife-throwing acts around and an assistant nearly met his end. Throwing knives is a fun and respectable hobby, which we love, but that doesn’t mean you should have people near your targets.

You can watch the full, terrifying video below, but let’s break down a few of the highlights (or lowlights, really) in gif form.

The act started off fine as the thrower haphazardly launched some knives at objects close to an assistant, but it wasn’t until the assistant was tasked with holding up a target for the thrower that things started to get dicey.

Knife thrower 1

You see the assistant getting sliced by the knife and sort of nonchalantly playing it off. He moves on to a card on the other side.

Knife thrower 2

The thrower fails to get the knife to stick and the assistant looks to see if he still has a hand, likely petrified. Yet the show goes on.


Here again we have a narrow miss, although it’s possible he was actually nicked. At this point, the assistant is likely rethinking his life choices and would probably run for his life if he wasn’t on TV.

This last gif illustrates just why you should never throw knives at people if you’re not a highly skilled professional.

Knife thrower 4

While aiming for the watermelon about six inches above the assistant, the thrower narrowly misses the guy’s head. The thrower was only about a half an inch away from doing serious damage.

The act mercifully ended before anymore damage could be done. And if you don’t believe the guy was actually hit, the end of the video shows the knife thrower trying to wipe up the dripping blood with his shoe.

There are many things wrong with what the knife thrower is doing, from the types of knives he’s using to his palpable lack of skill. We welcome expert knife throwers to explain everything that’s wrong with his technique.

The truth is that no one should try the throwing-knives act on TV because the nerves cause some potentially bad things to happen (Simon Cowell almost got a knife in the torso on an episode of Britain’s Got Talent.)

And in case you couldn’t figure out the moral of the story, never let anyone throw knives at you… ever. (Even if it’s your son.)

Here’s the complete video if you’re interested:


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