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Woman pulls out sword to settle argument at Pizza Hut

Mug Shot of Woman Who Brandished Sword at Pizza HutOne of my fondest memories of my youth was eating at Pizza Hut after little league baseball games; I’m just glad I never played baseball in Louisville, Kentucky.

A Louisville woman is facing disorderly conduct charges after she pulled out a sword to settle an argument–likely over an inadequate slice to pepperoni ration–at a Local Pizza hut.

According to the cops, Wynika Mason removed her sword from its sheath in the midst of a verbal dispute with employees, menacing them with its large, glimmering blade.

When the cops arrived, Mason apparently continued her tantrum; she also gave officers permission to search her car, where they found the sword in question.

This, quite obviously, is a good reason to bring your own sword to Pizza Hut or any other fast food restaurant you patronize.  That way you’ll be prepared for a duel should trouble arise.


  1. But how can you argue with a sword weilding black woman who kinda looks like a man now that I look at the picture….

  2. Thats why a have a stungun one ZAPPP!!!! sword or no they go down.. like a baby..

  3. He left his wallet in his other pants

  4. “her” testosterone levels are higher than chuck norris’s.

  5. I bring my sword because I never get a clean cut on my pizza. Picking up a piece and having all of the cheese stick to another slice is extremely frustrating. Sword solves sliding cheese.

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