In this age of excess, you sometimes see accessories trying to keep up with the growing size of food. For example, you see extra long hotdog buns or reinforced ice cream cones to support numerous scoops. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you’re talking to), knives have fallen victim to this same excess.

According to a recent article on FOX news, there is a massive kitchen knife with a five-foot blade and one-foot handle. That comes to an overall length of a whopping six feet long. So, what’s the reason for this massive knife? To cut 700-pound bluefin tuna properly without letting anything go to waste.

When I first read the article, I just assumed the long knife was some sort of sword or Japanese Tanto knife, but it really is just a long kitchen knife. The knife is called a maguro bōchō knife, which usually come in much smaller sizes, can cut a whole giant bluefin.

Unlike some other bizarre knives we’ve featured on this blog (such as the world’s largest pocket knife and the giant Swiss Army knife), this is practical and actually meant for use. It does of course take some skill and presumably more than one person to use. One person holds the knife and the other holds the fish.

Good thing hunting and eating whales is illegal or you might have seen the creation of a massive 20-foot knife.


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