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Top 10 Badass Movie Sword Fights (#1)

We’re counting down the top 10 movie sword fights of all time in conjunction with our first Cutting Edge product give-away.  Comment on this post or any other between today and midnight on Sunday and you’ll be entered to win a 51-inch William Wallace replica sword .

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1. Kill Bill, Vol. 1The Bride Vs. The Crazy 88

This Quentin Tarantino classic, starring Uma Thurman as a sword wielding bride out for revenge, has a variety of legendary and violent fight scenes. In this scene the bride faces the wrath of The Crazy 88 and all their violence. That scene begins around the 4 minute mark, but the previous scene is also worth a watch. The combination of sword fighting skills, violence and awesomeness makes this the number one movie sword fight.

Tell us which sword fight you like most by commenting below and you’ll be entered to win a 51-inch William Wallace sword.


  1. Kill bill volume 1 all the way!!

  2. The assorted swordfights in Ninja Assassin- the movie is based on a rogue ninja protecting a woman who just happened to get caught up in his fight against all the other ninjas. The movie manages to portray them as they are known in legends, by giving them incredible skills such as disappearing and reappearing a few feet away, and being able to completely disappear in shadows. The movie keeps up remarkably anatomically correct gore and blood throughout the movie, while the rogue ninja takes inhuman levels of punishment. Keeping with all this, the sword fights are lightning fast engagements that continue throughout the movie, until his final showdown with the master, who trained all of the ninjas. They face off in a burning building at the ninja school, under siege by the military force brought in by the woman the rogue ninja saved. Its pretty epic.

  3. I guess I need to see this movie so that I can understand why its first.

  4. i do agree that ninja assassin is a great movie with great swordfight scenes… i cant really think of any other movies with good sword fights that are unmentioned

  5. damn right this is the most badass swordfight scene ever.

  6. yeah that is one of the best lol

  7. these are all good movies but my favorite is braveheart, now that guy is awsome

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