Today, Spyderco knives are known across the world for their unique shapes and stellar performance, but have you ever wondered about the early days of this famous knife company?

Spyderco was founded by  Sal Glesser  in 1976, but Glesser’s first product wasn’t actually a knife, but a spider-shaped device  called “The Portable Hand,”  which was the inspiration for the company’s name.

Of course, despite being freakishly cool to look at,  it wasn’t exactly a bestselling product, so Glesser moved on to producing knife sharpeners and eventually folding knives.

In 1981,  he constructed his first folding knife, the CO1 worker, which was the first knife to feature a round hole in the blade that helped it achieve lightning-quick opening.

According to Spyderco, it  was also the first’s knife to feature a pocket clip on the handle.

In those days, Glesser and his wife Gail would travel from knife show to knife show in a converted old bread delivery truck.  Thirty years later, they’re the founders of one of the world’s most premiere knife companies.

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