The pliers multi-tool is a staple of the well-prepared handyman who is able to pull out the right tool for any job at any time. While Leatherman truly pioneered that style of knife, other companies have made some notable designs of their own, particularly Gerber. Gerber has its own line of well-respected multi-purpose tools. Here’s a look at some of the new Gerber multi-tools of 2012.

Crucial Black Multi-Tool

This multi-tool is one of the best-looking tools released by Gerber with its slick black design and ergonomic shapes. The stainless steel tool comes with two types of screwdrivers, a wire cutter, a strap cutter and a blade. Although not packed with all the tools multi-purpose knives have become known for, it cuts down on weight for easy carry. It costs $50.

Steady Tool

One of the great things about knives is that they’re always being improved and adapted with technology. The Steady Tool is one of the most innovative designs in a while because it functions as both a multi-purpose tool and a tripod for your camera. That means you’ll be able to film yourself in the wild Man vs. Wild-style with this tool. Aside from the tripod, it has needlenose pliers, various types of blades and screwdrivers and a bottle opener. The Steady Tool costs $64.

Dime (red)

A cheaper alternative to the tools above is the new Dime in red. This multi-tool is basically a Swiss Army knife with pliers. It features all the basic tools, but it’s lighter and more compact than others. One of the best things on this knife is the retail packaging blade that was specially designed to open that pesky packaging from stores. The new Dime costs $22.

Cable Dawg Tool

While most of the previous tools were made for the average person, the Cable Dawg Tool (awesome name by the way) is a specialty tool for those working in communications. Gerber advertises it by saying it has every single tool a communications professional would ever need, including “spring-loaded wire and cable cutters, CAT5 jacket cutter, RJ45 crimper, wire strippers, locking combo-edge knife and multiple drivers.” It definitely looks cool, but is impractical for most people. It will also set you back $300.


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