When designer Paul Scheiter created the original Blackbird SK-5, he made sure to strip it down to the necessities. He also said, “I believe the more complicated a product becomes, the more likely it is to fail when your life depends on it.”

The resounding success of the Blackbird SK-5 led Scheiter to expand the line to include a smaller version of the knife better suited for a wider range of tasks. That knife is the latest Badass Knife of the Week.

The Ontario Blackbird SK-4 is a compact version of the renowned SK-5 and subscribes to the same ethos of function over gimmicks.

The SK-4 isnt just a shrunken version of its larger brother. Instead Scheiter reworked the design to ensure it performs well and feels good in the hand.

It all starts with the 4-inch blade. The drop point blade design is robust and versatile, while the 154CM stainless steel is durable, holds an edge, and sharpens easily.

The knife features a shortened version of the handle but retains the gentle curves that fill out the hand and prevent fingers from sliding onto the blade.

Along with a nylon sheath for different types of carry, the Blackbird is a knife you’ll want to carry whenever you’re outside.

For more info on this Badass Knife of the Week, see the product page for the Ontario Blackbird SK-4.



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