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Five Unusual Uses for a Leatherman

There are few things more satisfying in life than using a Leatherman or other multi-tool. Whether you’re cracking open a beer, cutting wire, pulling the hook out of a freshly-caught bass or opening a can, a multi-tool is always there for you: it makes life beautiful.

Yet, the Leatherman has hundreds of uses besides those I’ve listed above.  In fact, the true beauty of owning one of these tools is that you constantly find new and creative uses for it.  With that said, here are five unusual uses for a Leatherman.

Removing a tick from a dog

If you’re out camping with your mutt, there’s a good chance he or she will be crashing through the underbrush, sending birds and squirrels fleeing for cover.  Of course, one organism that isn’t trying to get out of the way is the tick.  If you notice these blood-sucking bugs have infested your pooch’s fur, it’s wise to remove them ASAP.  Grab your multi-tool, pull out the tweezers and yank those ticks away.

Trimming Your Nose Hair

There are two ways to guarantee that you won’t sleep with a woman.  One is to spill an entire pitcher of Busch Light on her and then laugh hysterically, the second is to space out and forget to trim your nose hair.

Nose hair is grosser than gross.  Sure, you can buy a professional nose hair trimmer, but what about when you’re in a pinch and need to be nose hair free immediately.  No worries.  Pull out your friendly multi-tool, unfold the scissors and clip away.

Sawing Off Your Arm

I know it might sound nuts, but the reality is that you may have to saw off your arm some day.  Don’t believe me?  Just scope out this post about Sampson Parker, a farmer who cut his hand off with his pocket knife after it was trapped in a mechanical grain picker that was about to burst into flames.

If your arm is stuck under a rock or in a machine and death is closing in, it might be time to make a serious sacrifice.  If you have your multi-tool in tow, just unfold the saw and go to work.  It’s going to be gruesome, but so will death.

Measuring your body fat

If you’re into stats, you may be aware that over 60% of America is overweight.  Of course, the scale isn’t always the best measure of how tubby you are, but the flap that congregates around your midsection is. If you’re looking to measure your girth and have misplaced your calipers, the pliers on your multi-tool will work just fine.

Picking up dirty underwear

Do you have a roommate, friend, or lover who consistently leaves his filthy briefs laying around the house?  If so, it’s probably best not touch them.  Instead, why not use your multi-tool to lift and dispose.

Anything Else?

Outside of an emergency tracheotomy, I can’t think of anything.  How about you?  What strange or unusual things have you used your multi-tool for?

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  1. I love my Leatherman. Have 3 differrent models; used the big one a whole lot when I was working Industrial Maintenance. Easier than pulling my toolbox around, lighter than a belt. I’m never without at least one on me. Anytime. Been carrying one of them over 15 years. Dont have one” Get one, you’ll never look back.

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