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Man With Machete Fends Off Armed Robber

Although a knife isn’t useful in every single situation you’ll ever encounter, I can think of hundreds of situations where you would want a knife over any other tool, including a gun.

The situation you’re about to read is one of those.

Late last month, a store clerk at a deli in Long Island was running the store when a masked man who wielded a gun came in and demanded money from the register.

Since the dramatic footage doesn’t have any sound, it’s difficult to really get the full story, but it appears the clerk was taking too long to hand over the money or said no and the robber shot at him. The bullet fortunately missed the clerk and that’s when he reached down below the counter and grabbed a sheathed machete. With machete in hand, the fearless clerk charged at the fleeing robber.

Some outlets are reporting that the gun jammed, which is why the robber didn’t just shoot the clerk. While this story would have turned out completely different had the gun not jammed and the robber shot the guy, this demonstrates that many blades, especially fixed blades, will not fail you when you need them most.

The footage is pretty tense, so check it out below.


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  1. Wow, that’s some machete! Give the guy credit for having the balls to do that.

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