Diving, despite all the beautiful scenery and whimsical sensations of freedom, is not without danger. Divers can get decompression sickness, become lost, run out of air or get attacked by a great white shark.

That’s the predicament two divers were facing in Australia after a 12-foot shark greeted them after jumping off a boat. The divers were more than a hundred feet away from the boat, and the shark was intently circling them. This is where any sane person would freak out and give the shark a taste of fear.

Here’s a quote from one of the divers, which appeared in Updated News:

“I’d just got into the water and I hadn’t shot a fish or anything and there she was,” Podmore told the newspaper. “She was probably there 25 seconds before we even knew she was there — the video shows it.”

Fortunately, there was no need for the two divers to be afraid because they had knives and harpoons in hand. Instead of being stuck in the middle of the ocean with no recourse, the divers were prepared with the appropriate tools to help them get out of the jam.

Since harpoons are generally difficult to use and would probably attract other sharks with the blood, they opted instead to jab the shark with the knives to discourage it.

After a few jabs from the sharp objects, the huge shark swam away without incident.

What makes this encounter even more interesting is that it was caught on camera by a head-cam. The dangerous meeting might not have looked so close, but things can quickly go wrong around powerful animals.

Had the divers been without knives and harpoons, it’s possible things would have ended much differently. It just goes to show why you should always be prepared with a good knife by your side, even while swimming in the middle of the ocean.