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Knife-Equipped Bras See Sales Increase After Jogger’s Death

Karina Vetrano was brutally raped and murdered last week while jogging through a park in Queens.

The gruesome details of the case, as well as a recent spate of women being attacked while jogging, have led to women feeling vulnerable and unsafe when out on a run.

So what’s the solution? A knife-equipped bra.


A company cleverly called Booby Trap Bras invented a bra with a hidden sheath sewn into the lining to offer women a means of self-defense when all else fails.

This knife bra has been around for a few months now, but the Vetrano murder has sparked major interest in the product. According to the New York Post, sales of the bra are surging, particularly in New York.

Here is a look at how it works:

The origin of the Booby Trap Bra is actually pretty scary. Check out this excerpt from the creator of the bra:

I walked around thinking life was all rainbows and butterflies until I was jumped out at on a local running trail.  I was in active wear and had no form of protection on me.  The little pocket knives I had collected over the years were all at home in the drawer with my pepper spray. I needed something I could pull in less than a second.

We came up with the idea to sew a knife sheath inside my sports bra and used that home-made prototype to file a patent.  From there, we received a whirl-wind of support from family, friends, retail stores and manufacturers…

The “Just in Case” bras come in two designs: one with a concealed knife sheath and another with a concealed pepper spray slot. If you want a bra with a gun, you’ll have to look at the non-athletic Flashbang Bra.

While this is a great way to have a last resort defense mechanism, battling an attacker with a knife is not as easy as it sounds. We hope that women who buy these will take some sort of self-defense class to learn how to properly and efficiently use it. The founder even recommended women practice 50 times before taking the knife out.


The knife they sell (separately) with the bra is a basic single-bladed knife to skirt any dagger laws out there. It’s unclear what the dimensions and steel of the knife are. However, the knife is going to get a major upgrade soon.

Jennifer Cutrona, the inventor of the bras, went to this year’s BLADE Show as a guest of the legendary Bram Frank. Frank, who is an expert at knife fighting and self-defense, is working with Cutrona on designing a knife specifically for the bra. And anything that comes from Bram Frank is usually gold.

While this may sound like a gimmick, if it helps empower women and save even one life, then it’s worth it.


  1. So you have a number of women feeling secure with their knife bra . My question is , can they fight with a weapon or have been trained on aggression resolution , what about their mental status etc. ? This could bring about false security and boomerang on them…just saying..!

    • That was his point about 2/3s of the way through the article. He encouraged women to do exactly that. I encourage fathers to make sure their daughters can send their attacker to the hospital.

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