Kershaw Kapsule

OTF (out-the-front) knives are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, the automatic versions are illegal in many places. So, Kershaw decided to team up with Jens Anso for this unique manual OTF called the Kershaw Kapsule.

The Kershaw Kapsule is a small but compelling everyday carry with an eccentric design you won’t want to put down.

Here’s how the knife works: you manually push upward on the blue actuator until the blade locks into place with a button lock. When you want to close it, you push the blue button and manually pull it back down. It’s as simple as that and a unique opening mechanism.

And if you’re worried about scaring others, don’t be. The single-edged spear point blade is only 1.9 inches. That makes it long enough for EDC tasks like opening boxes but small enough to be discreet.

The handle is made from glass-filled nylon with texturing to keep the small knife in your hand. The Kershaw Kapsule also comes with a deep-carry pocket clip.

Eye-catching, functional, and unique: there’s not much else you could want out of an EDC.