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Homemade Zombie Brain Slicer Looks Killer

The popularity and obsession with zombies has grown exponentially over the years. And while many might be tired of talking about something that will never happen (probably), one of the best parts is the array of unique weapons designed to deal with the brain-hungry monsters.

No man is more imaginative and great at dreaming up awesomely unnecessary weapons than Joerg Sprave.

The same guy who brought you such amazing monstrosities as the machete slingshot and knife chainsaw has concocted an effective zombie killing device called the Brain Slicer. Basically, these are arrowheads designed to pierce a human skull and slice through as much brain as possible.

It’s unknown how much of a zombie’s brain you’d have to destroy before it officially dies, so the goal is to get inside the head and cause tons of damage. Here’s how Joerg decided to tackle the problem:

Broadheads would work really well once inside of the skull – but those aren’t very good bone penetrators. Field tips or bodkins will easily pierce a skull, but won’t destroy much brain matter later on.

So a new arrow tip was made, from scrap iron and cheap steel angles. The simple mechanical trick lets the arrow pierce the skull just like a bodkin, but then sharp blades swing out and cut a lethal pathway through the bug infested, decaying Zombie brain.

Check out his video below to learn more about the device and what it might look like going into a zombie’s brain. It’s definitely an ingenious weapon and is further reason why I will seek out Joerg during an actual zombie apocalypse.


  1. Wow! Haha…kinda like blade version of a hollow point. Nice.

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