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Help Rambo escape a sketchy situation and win a signature-edition Rambo knife!

Rambo, as many of you are already aware, never fails at anything, especially when it involves combat. Throughout the First Blood series, Sly Stallone’s character, John Rambo, shoots, stabs, punches, kicks, head-butts, incinerates and terrorizes his foes, always with his trusty survival knife in tow.

How many bad guys does Sly slay?  Only God knows, but as pointed out in our earlier post on The evolution of the Rambo knife, he wipes out a total of 236 evildoers in the fourth and final installment of Rambo.

Last week, we announced a Rambo-look alike contest to win a signature edition Rambo knife with second place pulling in a sweet-looking scorpion knife.  Participation has been, frankly, a bit lame, with only  a few worthy Rambos entering.

We figure maybe many of our fans don’t have their Rambo gear handy, so we’re offering another way to win.

Give Rambo a Hand, Win His Survival Knife

Rambo is always getting in sketchy situations, that’s just kind of the way he rolls, but he’s always getting out of them as well, due to his huge selection of badass weapons. Tell us how Rambo should dominate the following scenario by writing in the comment section below and you could win either a signature edition Rambo knife or a scorpion pocket blade (pictured on left).

Rambo is hanging from his feet while being lashed with a razor-sharp swatch by a chain-smoking soldier.  In addition to disposing of the soldier who is torturing him, Rambo must paddle across a moat full of crocodiles, scale a 16-foot electric fence, kill ten guards, release POWs, perform minor surgery upon the wounded, subdue a wild boar and flag down a helicopter for his escape.

In his possession is his trusty survival knife, a scorpion pocket knife with real scorpions encased in the blade, a lighter, some rope, bubble gum, an 8-ounce Budweiser can, a pair of brass knuckles, a Taser, a Glock, a dart gun and a grenade.  If he can only bring three of these items with him, which ones should he bring and how should he use them to finish his mission.  Enter your answer in the comment section below before midnight on 10/18 and you’ll be eligible to win either a Rambo survival knife or a scorpion pocket blade!

What’s that?  You need some inspiration.  Then check out the video below.

Daniel Lawton

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  1. Rambo should bring along the bubble gum, the budweiser and some rope. He will be able to get across the river by blowing a giant bible encasing himself inside and floating across without being eaten by the crocs. Then he could use the rope to climb the fence without getting toasted to death, then subdue all the enemies with tht same rope. Save all the POWs and apply a ternikit to whoever needs it. Then he could sip on his brewski while waiting for the chopper!

  2. This situation is way to easy for Rambo! All he needs is A. rope B. his kickass survival knife C. the glock

    First, he will grab the whip with his hands as it is swinging and use it to reel in the torturer. Once the whipper is within arms reach, Rambo will use the whip to strangle him. Once the attacker is disposed of he can use the razor-sharp whip to cut the ropes and begin his escape. Next Rambo runs to the moat, dragging the dead whipper. After cutting up his body, Rambo throws the body into the river and allows the crocodiles to swim after it downstream. Once the crocodiles are distracted, he can safely swim across the moat. Next comes the 16-foot electric fence. Rambo will throw the rope over the top of the fence securing it there. From there he can hold onto the rope and climb up the fence using his boots as protection from the dangerous wires. Once safely on the other side, the ten guards will start to attack, but here he will find cover and then use his glock and mow them down as he always does. Once they are all taken care of, he must go rescue the POW’s and lead them safely out of the camp. Using his own clothes and knife, he will perform minor surgeries on the wounded and bandage them up, tying them tightly with strips of his own clothes to stop the bleeding. When the wild boar comes out charging at the POW’s, he can easily wrestle it down and kill it with the knife. The helicopter over head can be flagged down by shooting the glock into the air, or else taking one of the brightest shirts from the POW’s and waving it over his head to attract the helicopter’s attention. and THAT is how Rambo DOMINATES a situation. Nothing too tough for this guy!

  3. Survival Knife
    Dart Gun

    Grab the whip and throw the torturer to the ground. While he is down, cut yourself loose, and slit his throat. Throw the body into the middle of the moat and while it is being violently devoured, make a running dive-jump and barely make it across. Rambo then snipes the 10 guards with the dart gun while on the opposite side of the electric fence. He is too cool to climb the fence, so he blows a big freakin hole in it with the grenade and walks through. He cuts through the POW’s fence with his knife, as the guards are dead, and they are freed. One is injured, so he uses the needle of a leftover dart and a strip of the victims shirt (Rambo doesn’t have a shirt, of course.) to sew the wound up. The group of escapees and Rambo are stopped by a massive boar in their way, which Rambo nails in the eye with a dart, then proceeds to jump on its back and rip its throat and vitals out. That is taken care of, so Rambo uses the dead guards to make a pile, and finds a lighter and a pack of cigarettes in one of their uniforms. He lights them on fire, which a nearby U.S. helicopter investigates and finds Rambo and the POW’s. They are safely evacuated. Rambo smiles. That was fun.

  4. Rambo is carrying his trust survival knife, a can of Budweiser, and a grenade. To begin, Rambo reaches behind and grabs the soldier’s wrist. He yanks him over so the soldier is in front of him, and grabs the whip right out of his hand. He slashes the soldier across the face, sending him sprawling to the floor and knocking the cigarette out of his mouth. Rambo then uses his teeth to untie the knot used to keep him hanging. He flips backwards and lands on his feet. He grabs his trusty knife and his grenade off the wooden table in the corner of the room. He walks over to the man who’s faced down and grunting in pain, he grabs the soldier’s hair and pulls his head up. “Don’t you know smoking can kill ya?” He says before you cuts the soldier’s throat, letting the man’s blood drain out of his body. As he leaves, he notices a can of fresh Budweiser beer on the doorstep. Someone must’ve left it there for the soldier to drink. Rambo snatches it and quickly opens it. He takes a glorious sip. “Mmm…still cold.” He exits the small wooden shed and examines his surroundings. He hears gunshots and screaming coming from the south, he begins to run towards the sounds. 2 minutes later he comes across a moat. He jumps into the paddle boat, takes another sip of beer and takes a whiff of fresh air. “I smell crocodiles…” Sure enough, a crocodile emerged from underwater and took a snap at him. As the crocodile was in mid-snap, Rambo grabbed his knife and stabbed the crocodile through the bottom of its mouth to the top. The crocodile hangs there dead for a second before Rambo shoves it off of his knife. He paddles across the moat, just as he approaches the other side, he takes another sip of beer. Right as he’s drinking the king of beers, another crocodiles jumps out at him. He delivers a deadly uppercut on the croc’s jaw and sends it flying back into the water. He finishes his sip and smiles because he know he didn’t spill a single drop. He makes it to the shore and gets out of the boat. He reaches a tall electric fence. He notices a tall tree with many strong branches right beside the fence. He climbs the tree and walks across the branch closest to the fence. The branch is only 12 feet above the ground, so Rambo jumps up and grabs the top bar of the electric fence and does a hand stand for a split second before he flips backwards and lands softly on the roof of a metal building only a couple feet from the fence. He takes yet another sip of the beer, making it half full. He swiftly runs to the edge of the roof and looks down. Two guards are standing outside a door. He jumps down, whips around and slashes both their throats in a matter of miliseconds. They fall to the ground. He kicks the door down, revealing a small barracks. He kicks the back of a soldier’s leg, shattering his knee cap and throws his knife into the skull of a guard making coffee at the other end of the room. He shoves the guy with the broken knee cap to the ground and punches him once directly in the face, shooting the bones of the man’s nose into his skull, killing him instantly. He walks over and retrieves his bloody knife. He takes another sip of his beer before exiting the barracks. He begins to run over to a building nearby when he spots two more guards walking side by side towards him. He quickly lies down in the thick grass, waiting for the right moment to attack. Once the two guards are a metre away, he jumps up and stabs one guy in the heart while simultaneously kicking the other in the chest. He puts away his knife and puts the other guard in as chokehold until the guard stops breathing. He lets the body drop to the ground. He runs over to the building he looks inside the window. He sees that four men are standing around talking, and there is a trap door leading to a basement. The basement must be where the POW’s are. He looks up and spots a skylight. He takes a couple steps back and takes out his grenade. He rips the pin off with his teeth and throws it up in the air. It crashes through the skylight and explodes a few feet above the ground, ripping 3 guys to shreds and sending the other flying. He bashes the door in and walks over to the dying guard. The guard takes a raspy breath and says “You American piece of—” And thats how far he got before Rambo shoved a knife through his throat. Rambo pulls out the knife and proceeds to the trap door. He opens it and looks down to see 6 hopeless faces. Their faces light up at the sight of Rambo. “C’mon guys let’s get the hell out of here.” Rambo says. They quickly stand up and climb up the ladder except for 1 POW. Rambo jumps down and sees that the POW has been shot in the leg. He lifts up the man’s pants and examines the wound. He notices the bullet has gone right through the leg, so there’s no need to worry about removing the bullet. He removes his headband and wraps it around the man’s leg to act as a temporary bandage. He takes a sip of beer and helps the man up and out of the basement. The 7 of them leave the building, 2 of the POW’s carrying the one injured POW. They run towards a field. Before they can approach it a wild boar appears in front of their tracks. He laughs loudly at the fact that a wild boar thinks he can stop Rambo. Rambo walks up to the boar and kicks it in the snout. The pig falls over and doesn’t make any movements. Rambo leads the POW’s to the centre of the field.He tells them to stay put as he runs back and retrieves a machine gun off a dead guard. He returns to the field and fires off an entire clip. An american helicopter flying nearby hears the sounds and flys over to investigate. He lands in the field and picks up Rambo and the POW’s and flys them to safety. Mission Complete.

  5. well, I could tell you how he does it but then I’d have to kill you!

  6. Can you do something like this again? I’m not I missed it!

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