Knives are constantly demonized as dangerous weapons and nothing more. Our latest Badass Knife of the Week offers definitive proof that knives are useful tools that can save lives.

The Gerber Hinderer CLS, which stands for Combat Life Saver, is a feature-rich folding knife that’s optimized for rescue operations and everyday use.

Its 3.5-inch partially serrated blade is made from 440A stainless steel and has oversized thumb studs to allow for quick deployment, even if you’re wearing thick gloves.

The CLS has an additional feature that makes using the knife with gloves even easier. The blade locks into place using a standard liner lock, but a release button on the handle disengages the blade to allow for swift and easy one-handed closing.

badass-gerber-hinderer-cls-sideRick Hinderer, the designer of the knife, is not only renowned for his ingenuity but also worked as a firefighter and EMT. His experience out in the field gives some functionality and thoughtfulness to the knife that many other search and rescue knives don’t offer.

Nestled within the glass-filled nylon handle is a bevy of useful features any first-responder would appreciate. A built-in seat belt cutter opens up near the butt, which also has a glass breaker. Along with a hole for a lanyard, the handle has a slot that acts as an oxygen tank wrench.

Whether you’re a first-responder or someone who likes to be prepared for anything, the Gerber Hinderer CLS is a knife for heroes in the making.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Gerber Hinderer CLS.