People love fixed blades because there are fewer moving parts and they are less prone to failure. But sometimes a folding knife is just so much more convenient.

For those times you need a folder as strong and reliable as a fixed blade, there’s the DPx Gear HEST/F 2.0.

The original idea of the HEST/F was to create a folding version of the durable HEST (Hostile Environment Survival Tool) fixed blade knife. The HEST Folder now goes far beyond its original intent and is now an all-around tool you can bet your life on in any situation.

Here’s a nice video overview from jdavis882:

It starts with the 3.25-inch blade made from German D2 tool steel coated with black milspec to damper the steel’s reflective properties. A cutout in the spine of the blade offers a rapid deployment system.

Thanks to a patented RotoBlock frame lock mechanism, the blade stays engaged without fear of slippage or accidental failure.

The latest version is called the 2.0 because it made small but major changes to the geometry, strength, and weight of the knife.

The handle features a dual design that provides strength on one side and grip on the other. An olive drab G-10 scale — made thicker in this second iteration — helps keep the weight down. The 6A14v GR.5 stone washed U.S.-made titanium alloy frame adds even more reliability to the knife.

At the butt of the handle is an integrated glass breaker and a single position, tip-up deep carry pocket clip.

And for those of the left-handed variety always suffering from adapting to designs targeted at right-handers, this DPx Gear knife also comes in a left-handed version.

For a hard-use folder, it’s tough to find anything better than this.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the DPx Gear HEST/F 2.0.


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