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CRKT Provoke EDC – Knife of the Week

crkt provoke EDC

When Joe Caswell’s “Morphing Karambit” hit Kickstarter in 2020, it represented one of the most unique innovations in knife-opening mechanisms since the flipper tab.

A year later, CRKT brought the folding karambit to public at a more reasonable price. Now for 2023, the Provoke is in its most EDC-friendly iteration yet.

The CRKT Provoke EDC takes the aggressive original karambit design and transforms it into an absolutely perfect everyday carry knife.

The main difference starts with the new drop-point blade, a drastic change from the original hawkbill-style blade. The new blade is 2.56 inches long and made from D2 steel. The strong blade is more amenable to tasks around the house or at work.

Another added benefit of the new blade style is how it minimizes the profile when closed, making it infinitely more comfortable to carry in the pocket.

Like all of the knives in the Provoke series, the Provoke EDC uses the innovative Kinematic opening mechanism. The knife deploys quickly and reliably with the push of the thumb and locks up securely. The positioning of the hand also adds some extra security to the knife’s lockup.

crkt provoke EDC

This version has an attractive blue aluminum handle that adds some color and personality to the knife.

A flush-mounted clip ensures no hotspots when using the knife but also attaches dependably to your pocket.

When you combine the wow factor of the unique opening mechanism with the knife’s sheer functionality, you get one of the most innovative EDC knives in years.

When we redo our list of the best CRKT knives, the CRKT Provoke EDC may snag a spot.


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