KA-BAR Ek Model 4

With a rich history that dates back to World War II, the KA-BAR Ek Model 4 is a truly iconic fighting knife.

The origins of the fixed blade begin in 1941. That’s when John Ek created the Ek Commando Knife Company and produced fighting knives for the war effort. The knife was never officially issued by the military. However, it was the knife of choice among those who bought their own knives for combat.

The company changed owners throughout the years until KA-BAR acquired the designs and brought them back to their former glory.

The Ek Commando Model 4 is the first Commando knife that KA-BAR helped revive. Even after all these years, it remains a remarkable fixed blade.

Featuring a 6.625-inch spear-point blade, the Model 4 now uses more modern 1095 Cro-Van steel that’s easy to maintain and very tough.

KA-BAR Ek Model 4 Sheath

Although a fighting knife like the KA-BAR, this knife offers something radically different. It can be used for hard outdoor use like clearing brush or for finer tasks like food prep.

Its glass-filled nylon handle boasts subtle curves that make the knife feel great in hand.

You might automatically assume this US-made knife is just a showcase piece for display, but the Ek Model 4 is a knife you can still bet your life on.