Ever since I was a young boy watching the X-Men cartoons Saturday mornings, Wolverine was always my favorite X-Man.

Is there anyone reading this who wouldn’t want the ability to heal quickly and have knives built into their body? Most of us already carry around knives anyway so why not take out the middleman?

Over the years, people have been working on making the best functional Wolverine claws with a lot of poor attempts along the way. Earlier this month, however, the crazy inventor and video guy Colin Furze made some pretty awesome claws that retract and engage on command.

The video is worth a watch just to see the Wolverine claws in action, but the guy seems a bit too overenthusiastic about his accomplishments.

Even though those claws are quite impressive, they remain my second favorite Wolverine claws ever made.

The claws made by swordsmith and general awesome manly man Tony Swatton take the cake. Sure, they may not move in and out, but boy are they beauties. Oh, and the video is far more watchable.

Now if only someone would start working on the ability to heal quickly, just in case people start trying to make their own Wolverine claws.