The best YouTubers out there are the ones with the best imagination along with the skills to bring their ideas to life. Colin Furze is the best at this when it comes to insane creations (with Joerg Sprave not far behind).

In Colin’s most recent video, the backyard scientist and general madman decided to once again venture into the world of knives with an idea to create a belt of spinning knives to quickly make a salad.

Colin has made some other interesting knife-related projects like homemade Wolverine claws, but his spinning belt of doom is way more dangerous.

Take a look:

He attached eight kitchen knives on hinges to a belt that can spin at 1000RPM all in the pursuit of cutting a salad. You can see he actually gets hurt pretty bad at the end of the video when the belt goes a little haywire (see the growing blood spot on his shirt and the big scratch on his arm).

I do appreciate the fact that he didn’t call this some gruesome name like the hug killer and instead made something that was intended to be functional. Knives too often get a bad rap as a weapon when they are intended for work.

With that out of the way, check out how he makes a hidden blade from Assassins Creed. It’s pretty awesome.

By the way, don’t try any of this at home.