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Top 5 badass tactical knife video games

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Let’s face it, we use video games as a way to escape our lives and jump into some absurd situations. That’s how we’re able to use tactical knives in ways nearly none of us have never used them. In honor of our tactical knife giveaway this week, I’m looking at the 5 best video games that let you use tactical knives in amusing ways.

1. Call of Duty

Few video game series have captured the imaginations of millions like Call of Duty. With its amazingly realistic graphics and competitive gameplay, you can get lost for hours in these games. However, while the varied guns and ammunition are some of the main draws, it takes real skill to use one of the many tactical knives efficiently. The great thing about Call of Duty (or CoD to fanboys) is that there are a bunch of different types of knives. Black Ops alone features a sweet SOG knife, a unique Karambit and the Ballistic shooting knife. For a sample of tactical knife awesomeness, check out this video of a great knife kill.

2. Metal Gear

If full-out war isn’t your type of thing, the Metal Gear games are pure genius. Instead of playing a game where you run around and shoot everyone in sight, Metal Gear has you sneak around tactically. Therefore, a tactical knife is actually used tactically, as you quietly stalk around corners and ambush your enemies in silence. In fact, in Metal Gear Solid 3, you can use the knife for more advanced things, such as interrogating enemies. With an emphasis on Close-Quarters Combat, you can’t beat the tactical knife in these games. In this image, you get a good look at Snake’s tactical knife.

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How to fight effectively with a tactical knife

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Knife fighting is a primal, dangerous and beneficial skill to have. Not only does it help you connect with your tactical knife in new ways, but it also gives you some respect. In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the very basics of tactical knife fighting. With our usual warning, we urge you to be safe and don’t try any of this around another person. So, if you’re interested in fighting effectively with a tactical knife, here are some of the basic elements.

1. Get to know your knife

The first step before you do anything should be to become familiar with your knife. Learn its weight, shape and texture before engaging in any training. By knowing your knife’s quirks and intricacies, it will never surprise you in a real fighting situation.

2. Learn the grips

How you hold your knife is probably the most important thing to know when learning knife fighting because without a firm grip, you could drop the knife and find yourself in deep trouble. Unfortunately, there is no one universal way you’re supposed to hold your knife, so that’s why it’s important to get to know your knife. Some knives feel more natural in certain grip positions.

The grips can be separated into three broad categories: forward grip, reverse grip and unusual knife grips. Within each of these categories are a number of variations, including the hammer, saber and Filipino grips. According to a booklet on U.S. Marine Corps knife fighting tactics, the hammer grip is preferred over all others because it enables a variety of tactics. For a detailed description of each grip, check out Jay Fisher’s site.

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