House cats are known as soft and cuddly little domestic pets, but the truth is they wouldn’t be opposed to eating your eyes and limbs once you die. That’s when house cats tap into the dark side of their ancestors — the wildcat.

The Boker Plus Wildcat shares many commonalities with the notoriously difficult to tame wildcats of Europe. The Wildcat is adaptable, fierce, and impossible to nail down.

Designed by Boris Manasherov, the Wildcat is a folding karambit inspired by the claws of the bigs cats in the jungles of Indonesia. The 2.8-inch blade is made from D2 steel and opens softly with the help of an oval thumb hole or quickly with a flipper tab. Ball bearings make either option smooth as butter.

The shapely black G-10 handle scales conceal a liner lock that keeps the blade securely open. A left/right reversible pocket clip makes carrying the Wildcat easy and convenient.

A finger ring allows the user to hold the Wildcat in different positions, depending on the task at hand. This is a knife you won’t want to let go.

For more info on this Badass Knife of the Week, see the product page for the Boker Plus Wildcat.