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Bear Grylls makes surprise visit at Gerber Knives meeting

Imagine going to a stuffy meeting with a bunch of suits only to find that the ultimate survivorman makes a guest appearance to say hello.

That’s what happened when Bear Grylls, the star of Man Vs. Wild, made a surprise visit to Portland this week at the annual U.S. management meeting of the Fiskars Corp., according to The Oregonian.

Fiskars Corp. is involved with Gerber Knives, the company that makes Bear’s line of knives, so his appearance isn’t that inconceivable. The news from the conference however, was very astonishing.

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife was the best-seller in its category for the first quarter of this year. His knife is a huge hit for two reasons. One, he uses his knife in every episode of his show. Two, the knife is actually extremely well-made.

Bear said that several knife companies approached him about making a line of knives for a lot of money. Despite less money, he said he chose Gerber because he respects the company.

In the blog post on The Oregonian’s site, they reported that he was also looking at prototypes for new knives to be released sometime in 2012. It’ll be interesting to see what sorts of cool products he adds to his line.

In other Bear Grylls news, there was a fantastic article in the Mirror about his life that’s a good read.

Keep an eye out here for more Bear Grylls products or pick up one from his current line of knives today.


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  1. i own one of these two isnt if awsome

  2. I was looking to get one, but all the reviews on the Cabela’s website we negative. Don’t think i will get one, Gerber makes other ones that are better.

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