SOG SEAL Pup Elite

With a long list of missions and successes that date back to WWII, the Navy SEALs are among the most badass special units ever to exist. Since the members of the force constantly put their lives at risk, it only makes sense to use nothing but the best equipment. SOG has built a knife worthy of the Navy SEALs themselves: the SEAL Pup Elite.

The Badass Knife of the Week is impressive in every way. Its laser focus on high performance in the toughest situations separates the SOG SEAL Pup Elite from other knives.

The knife boasts a 4.85-inch AUS8 blade with a razor-sharp clip point. This particular iteration of the knife features a sleek hardcased black TiNi finish and a versatile straight edge. You can also get it with a satin finish or serrations.

On the spine of the blade, SOG added rasp, which is great for notching, filing, and detailed work.

Another aspect improved from the standard version of the knife is the handle. The longer handle now has deeper finger grooves that not only provide more comfort but also better control.

Grip lines throughout the injection molded glass reinforced handle provide additional security when in use.

This version of the SEAL Pup Elite includes a well-constructed Kydex sheath with a convenient front pocket for a fire starter or sharpening stone.

Whether you’re entering enemy territory or going backpacking in the wilderness, this fixed blade will always have your back.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the SOG SEAL Pup Elite product page.