If you look up “workhorse” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of this week’s Badass Knife of the Week: the Fallkniven S1.

Strong, dependable, and good-looking, the Fallkniven S1 is a solid fixed blade that’s dubbed one of the best hunting and fishing knives ever made. Considering the centuries of knifemakers trying to manufacture the perfect hunting and fishing knife, that’s saying a lot.

The S1 is 9.7 inches of pure quality and craftsmanship. Made of laminate VG-10 custom steel, the 5.1-inch blade is designed to give you maximum cutting power without the fear of breakage. The blade boasts a modified clip point for penetration and a long edge for skinning.

Leather SheathIf you’ve never heard of Fallkniven knives, you’re really missing out. The family-run Swedish company began in 1984, but it quickly established a reputation for creating quality knives from the best materials.

It was very difficult to narrow down which Fallkniven knife to choose as the badass knife since nearly every item in their basic lineup deserves this most venerable distinction.

We chose this model because the blade length is not excessive and the checkered Thermorun handle makes it the perfect knife for the outdoors. Nicknamed the Forest Knife, the S1 can easily work as a survival knife or hunting knife.

To further boost its credentials, in 2000, the black version of the S1, which is equally as badass, was tested and approved for use in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy. The S1 passed the rigorous tests and can now be used as a survival knife by air crews.

The knife, which comes with a nice leather sheath, has the highest pricetag so far in our look at badass knives, but it’s worth every penny. You may not be able to tell by just looking at it, but the durability and quality of the knife essentially makes it a lifetime purchase.

Want more info on the Badass Knife of the Week? Check out the Fallkniven S1 product page.