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Badass Knife of the Week: Cold Steel SRK

Cold Steel SRK

Survival and rescue operations are no joke. When the clock is ticking and someone’s life is at stake, nothing less than the most badass tool should ever be used. That’s where the latest Badass Knife of the Week comes in: the Cold Steel SRK.

The SRK, which stands for Survival Rescue Knife, is built to excel in any type of environment and withstand the most extreme abuse.

The large 6-inch blade made of AUS8A stainless steel features a rich Teflon coating that offers the steel even more protection from the elements. The SRK also comes in a San Mai III stainless steel version.

As with any solid survival knife or search and rescue tool, the blade has a clip point that provides versatility to the tool, making it great for finer tasks, slicing, slashing, and more.

The long handle of the SRK has a few nice features that really make it comfortable and natural to use in the field. The Kraton textured handle offers deep grooves for a reliable and comfortable grip.

Additionally, a quillion finger guard prevents your hand from sliding over the blade when engaged in heavy use. The knife includes a Concealex sheath.

Simplicity is the best asset of any survival/rescue knife because there are fewer points of failure. The SRK is not only a strong and durable knife but it’s also a knife you can bet your life on.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the Cold Steel SRK product pages.

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  1. Yes, the SRK is one badass knife. If I could only own one fixed blade knife, the SRK would be that one. tom.

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