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10 Seriously Small Knives

This post was first published in 2016 but updated in 2023 to include different models.

In this world of big-box stores and 128-ounce sodas, some say the bigger, the better. In the world of knives, however, that’s not always the case. Sure, you could get a truly massive folder like the Cold Steel Counter Point XL (which has a 6-inch blade) for hard-core tasks, but what about when you need to carry something light that can cut some twine or open a package.

That’s when smaller is better.

For those who want a lightweight knife that will slip unnoticed in any pocket or attach easily to a keychain, we searched our store for the smallest knives around. There are a lot of tiny knives out there, but these come with blade lengths around 1.75 inches and under.

CRKT Squid Compact

Blade length: 1.75 inches
Overall length: 4.65 inches

The Squid was already a small yet bulky folder that was consistently called one of the best little big knives ever made.

So when CRKT decided to shrink some of its popular folders even more, the Squid was a natural choice. The Squid Compact has a small but capable 1.75-inch blade and an overall length of 4.65 inches.

Despite its small size, it’s still a very capable knife.

Spyderco Bug

Blade length: 1.27 inches
Overall length: 2.9 inches

Spyderco makes some minuscule knives like the Ladybug and HoneyBee, but the Spyderco Bug is the tiniest of all. This cute little guy fits in the palm of your hand with a 1.27-inch blade. When engaged, the knife comes in at less than 3 inches long.

The great thing about this knife is that it looks like all the other Spydercos. From the picture above, you couldn’t tell just how small it is, but it will fit on your keychain with no problem.

Old Timer 1OT Small Lockback

Blade length: 1.6 inches
Overall length: 3.8 inches

The Old Timer 1OT Small Lockback is the smallest of the Old Timers. It’s a simple knife with a blade that’s a little more than 1.5 inches. Unlike many of the other knives on this list, the 1OT uses a lockback to keep the blade engaged, making it better for tougher tasks.

It comes with a keyring for easy carry.

Boker Plus USB OTF

Blade length: 1.77 inches
Overall length: 4.72 inches

We all know how small and portable USB drives can be. But what if there was a knife that was as small and could be mistaken for a USB stick? Well, wonder no more.

The Boker Plus USB OTF is a small California-legal automatic with a 1.77-inch blade and an overall length of 4.72 inches.

Kershaw Cinder

Blade length: 1.4 inches
Overall length: 4 inches

The Cinder is a Rick Hinderer design that isn’t like your typical Hinderer design. This is a tiny knife with a 1.4-inch blade and an integrated bottle opener and pry bar.

The size lends itself nicely to putting on a keychain. This version has a copper handle that gives the knife some extra personality.


Blade length: 1.7 inches
Overall length: 3.6 inches

You don’t usually see fixed blades this small, but if you are in a last-ditch situation, this is the perfect knife.

The Last Ditch Knife small and thin fixed blade is designed to stay concealed somewhere on your person until you need it most. It can fit in your boot, in your wallet, on your belt, or around your neck.

Gerber Key Note

Blade length: 1 inches
Overall length: 3 inches

The Gerber Key Note has by far the smallest blade on this list, measuring on 1 inch. Because it’s a tanto profile, the blade has a fairly long cutting edge that makes it surprisingly useful.

This knife is mainly designed to be carried on a keychain, so it’s a bit stubby. There’s even a “flipper” tab that allows you to push the blade out to open it further with your fingers instead of fiddling with the nail nick.

Electrifying CA OTF

Blade length: 2 inches
Overall length: 5.25 inches

This is a bit larger than the others on the list, but there’s a reason this knife is among our best-selling knives of all time: it’s seriously compact.

The blade is a hair under 2 inches long, but its slim profile makes it feel very small. It’s hard to beat this knife for the price.

SOG Key Knife

Blade length: 1.5 inches
Overall length: 4 inches

Then, of course, there’s the SOG Key Knife. This is a convenient little knife that’s designed to blend right into your keys. It features a 1.5-inch blade and an overall length of 4 inches when fully engaged. Just remember to take it off before you go to the airport.


Blade length: 1.55 inches
Overall length: 3.94 inches

The Ki-V is a fun little slip joint designed by Ostap Hel. It has a 1.55-inch modified tanto blade that opens via front flipper.

This version has a natural G-10 handle that makes it stand out from the bunch.


  1. Used to carry a Spyderco Ladybug as a wallet knife until the real thing appeared. Still use a CRKT mini K.I.S.S as a money clip.

  2. You left off the best tiny knife of all. The Victorinox SD.

  3. Left the Kershaw shuffle off the lost. Too bad; hreat little knife.

  4. The Ruike S11-G is a terrific little knife.

  5. Rudolf O. Roffel

    April 30, 2019 at 11:55 am

    Nice knifes, but sorry to say, your smallest is at least double te size as mine.
    I just got one from “Rough Rider”.
    Closed it is 23 millimeter just 2.5 Millimeter short of one inch, the blade is 17 millimeter, and it has an overall lengt of 40 millimeter.
    The blade is made of hardend steel and the grip is just steel.
    My problem is how to keep in on me without loosing it.
    In despite it size it is a real knife with a really sharp blade.
    Regards Rudolf

  6. It would have been nice to know what steel these are made of. I care more about the cutting ability, than how cure it is.

  7. My favorite carry knife is a Spyderco Dragonfly 2. I thought it was tiny, but clearly, it is not.

  8. The al Mar USB looking one is better than most of these and has D2 steel. Easily hides in plain sight.

  9. When I saw “tiny knife”, my first reaction was hope that there were some new little ones that I could wear as neck jewelry or a matching pair as earrings. Some of those tiny ones have actual working blades and attractive handle scales.

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