This year is already shaping up to be a great one for knife lovers. We’ve got a ton of new innovations coming out of the knife community, and some interesting new designs.

As always, Kershaw is releasing more than 30 knives that’ll sure to appeal to the masses. While there tends to be an overreliance on 8Cr13MoV steel and the SpeedSafe mechanism, the diversity of designs is encouraging.

You can find the full list of new knives on the Kershaw website, but here are the 10 we’re most excited to get in the coming months.

10.  Kershaw Reverb

Kershaw Reverb

The first knife we’re looking forward to is the Reverb. This lightweight knife weighs 1.6 ounces and is billed as a knife for outdoor activities. With a 2.5-inch blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel, the Reverb features a multifaceted handle. The front is G-10 with carbon fiber overlays and the back is steel.

And another appealing aspect is the carabiner clip. I wrote an article a while back about the best knives with carabiners and this will surely make the list.

9. Kershaw Fraxion

Kershaw Fraxion

I’m a fan of Jens Anso, so I was pretty excited to see the Anso-designed Fraxion. This is a sleek and slim knife with an all-black profile. It also has G-10 handles with carbon fiber overlays. It’s a manual knife with a flipper and uses 8CR13MoV stainless steel.

Looks like it’ll make a great little EDC.

8. Kershaw Pub

Kershaw Pub

When Spyderco discontinued its Friction Folder, I was disappointed. It was one of the few factory-made friction folders. Kershaw, with the help of custom knifemaker Dmitry Sinkevich, has created a unique knife that works like a friction folder. The Pub is a small knife with a built-in bottle opener that’s functional when closed. With a push of the bottle opener, a 1.6-inch blade comes out. It stays open via friction.

The Pub comes in three varieties, including black, blue and carbon fiber.

7. Kershaw Barstow

Kershaw Barstow

The Barstow is another different one from Kershaw. This is an assisted-opening dagger (with only one side sharpened for legal purposes) with a 3-inch blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel. The handle is glass-filled nylon and it locks via a liner lock. The all-black look only adds to the overall look of this dagger.

6. Kershaw Dividend

Kershaw Dividend

We’ve arrived at the first USA-made Kershaw on this list, and it’s quite a knife. It was inspired by the success of the American-made Link (which is also coming out this year in a handsome navy blue) with a few minor changes.

The Dividend is smaller and slimmer. It has a stonewashed 3-inch blade made from 420HC stainless steel that opens with SpeedSafe technology via a flipper. The handle is glass-filled nylon. I can see this being the EDC for quite a few people out there. Also, you’ve got to the love that American flag on the blade.

5. Kershaw Launch 7

Kershaw Launch 7

The Launch series of automatic knives continues with the Launch 7. The 7 is a departure from the look of the previous models, thanks to the work of Tim Galyean. The industrial feel of the knife is bolstered by the anodized aluminum handle and black DLC-coated 3.75-inch blade made from CPM 154. It’s also made in the United States.

4. Kershaw Leek, Carbon Fiber

Kershaw Leek, Carbon Fiber

Next up is the Leek. Wait, the Leek? Yes, this knife has been around for ages, but this latest iteration is getting people pretty excited. The carbon fiber scales alleviate some of the concerns of the original version, namely the lack of grippiness on the handles and a slightly heavier weight.

The scales look great, especially when compared to the stonewashed finish of the blade. Oh yeah, the steel is also upgraded to CPM 154, so this Leek is all-around fantastic. Except for maybe a redesign of the pocket clip, you can’t ask for a better Leek.

3. Kershaw Emerson CQC-10K

Kershaw Emerson CQC-10K

The Kershaw and Emerson collaboration has proved quite fruitful over the years, and 2017 brings two new designs. The new Emerson CQC-10K is modeled after Emerson’s Appalachian hunting knife, this folder is now more of an all-around survival knife.

The clip point blade profile allows it to excel in the outdoors. The 3.5-inch blade uses a frame lock and stonewashed 8Cr14MoV steel. A green textured G-10 scale is on the front while the steel back has a bead-blasted finish.  It has both a thumb plate and the Wave.

2. Kershaw AM-4

Kershaw AM-4

One of the biggest announcements this year from Kershaw was a new collaboration between Al Mar and the company. Both Al Mar and Pete Kershaw came from Gerber back in the day, so there is a connection. Like the deal with Emerson, Kershaw is planning on bringing some of the most iconic Al Mar Knives to the masses.

There are four Al Mar designs this year (AM-3, AM-4, AM-5, and AM-6), but the AM-4 is a good intro to the knives. The slim blade is 3.5 inches and opens with SpeedSafe via a flipper. The contoured G-10 front handle scale is complemented by a black-coated steel back. Red tube spacers also give it the look and feel of an Al Mar.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one.

1. Kershaw Natrix

Kershaw Natrix

Then, there is the Natrix. This knife has been getting tons of attention based off an insane story.

The knife itself is actually very solid. This budget version of the ZT 0770 uses 8Cr13MoV steel with a flipper and SpeedSafe system. The handle is lightweight G-10. It has some nice flourishes that nod to the ZT 0770, including the Sub-Frame Lock, but the price is significantly cheaper than the award-winning original.

This knife will be a must-have just for the story alone.