As dive instructor Brett Johnson and his students were scuba diving off the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, he noticed a three-foot nurse shark in the sand near a hanging reef.

“I was guiding a dive and spotted the nurse shark in the sand,” he said to the local news. “Obviously something wasn’t right and I moved in for a closer look.”

That’s when he noticed the massive foot-long knife sticking out of its head.

“Once I got close enough to see what exactly was going on I hovered for a bit to think of the best approach to get the knife out,” he continued. “At that point the shark turned around and settled right below me as if asking for help.”

Johnson calmly reached down and pulled out the knife. The shark was unfazed and settled back down into the sand. Check out the awesome video.

Nurse sharks are mostly harmless to humans unless provoked (such as being attacked with a knife).

“Sharks are an important part of the ecosystem,” Johnson said. “People come to Cayman to see our beautiful reefs… no one expects or wants to see a shark with a knife sticking out of its head.”

It’s unclear exactly how the shark ended up with a knife in its head, but it’s not hard to take a guess. They assume some dude captured the shark in a net and then tried to finish the job with a knife to the head. The only problem is that it is illegal to fish for sharks in the Cayman Islands. If caught, you could face a $500,000 fine or four years in prison.

There’s always the slight possibility the knife was simply dropped off of a boat accidentally and landed on the shark’s head. (The story is not completely outlandish as a few years ago a man in China was struck with a 5-inch knife in the head after it fell off the balcony on the eighth floor. He survived surprisingly.) Still, that situation is not very likely.

The shark is expected to be just fine because sharks have an amazing immune system and healing powers that could be compared to Wolverine. The nurse shark was spotted a few days later swimming around the same reef like nothing had happened.