Trying to find the perfect everyday carry is almost impossible, but if you had to pick just one knife to carry wherever you go, it might as well be the Victorinox Farmer.

This Swiss Army Knife has all the essentials you need — nothing more and nothing less.

The knife features nine functions. The main tool is the large blade, which opens up with the help of a nail nick and snaps into place with a slipjoint spring. A bottle opener and can opener sit on opposite ends and boast additional uses, including a wire stripper and two screwdrivers.

An almost hidden wood saw adds that extra layer of functionality for those particularly rugged tasks you might encounter in the fields. A versatile reamer/punch and keyring balance out the rest of the tool.

Unlike traditional Swiss Army Knives, the Farmer has durable Alox scales. The silver helps the red Victorinox emblem stand out.

The Farmer may very well be the last personal pocket knife you ever buy because as one customer put it, “The knife lasts so long, it’s almost creepy.”

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Victorinox Farmer.



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