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Badass Knife of the Week: United Cutlery Axe

Sure, we may be stretching the definition of “knife” for this week’s installment of the Badass Knife of the Week, but there’s no denying that the BlackJet Throwing Axe from United Cutlery is badass.

It may be hard to evaluate the weight and feel of a throwing axe by simply looking at pictures, but trust us, the BlackJet soars through the air like a hot knife through butter.

united-cutlery-axe-sideDesigned by Kit Rae, the famous knife and sword designer whose creations have appeared on popular television shows and movies over the past two decades, the BlackJet is made to run the gamut of all skill levels. The throwing axe is easy to learn on and pushes the boundaries for even the most seasoned throwers.

The axe is one piece of solid tempered 420J2 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and extremely durable, for a cohesive unit with a perfect balance.

At an overall length of 14 7/8 inches and a blade length of 4 5/8 inches, the axe has a nice blade-to-handle weight that allows for expert throwing with various techniques.

Including a reinforced custom fitted sheath that allows you to carry it to your next throwing competition, the BlackJet Throwing Axe is a great thrower for amateurs and professionals alike.

Find out more about the Badass Knife of the Week by checking out the product page for the United Cutlery BlackJet Throwing Axe.


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  1. As you said it may be a little difficult to call this a knife haha, but i’ve never actually owned or used a throwing axe. I guess I should try one out haha. Thanks for the post

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