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SOG Pent Arc – Badass Knife of the Week

It’s pretty rare to have a blade shape on a knife that bucks the trend of drop point or clip point profiles. But that’s what you get with the latest Badass Knife of the Week.

The SOG Pent Arc is a modern folding knife with a blade inspired by the spear point profiles of the past. This knife is built with a purpose. It is designed to be used by military and law enforcement for defensive carry in hostile or unknown situations.

The 4-inch bead-blasted blade is made from VG-10 stainless steel, an alloy that can be sharpened to a keen edge without becoming brittle. A fuller or blood groove down the middle of either side of the blade completes the look of a classic dagger while helping reduce the overall weight of the knife and increasing its intimidation factor.

With its smooth operation and secure lockup, the Arc-Lock remains one of the easiest to use locking mechanisms on the market. Not only does it allow for true ambidextrous use but it provides easy one-handed opening and closing.

Featuring stainless steel liners and glass-filled nylon scales, the handle is grippy and durable. A deep-carry pocket clip can be changed for left hand or right hand tip-up carry. This makes every aspect of the knife ambidextrous — from the lock to the dual thumb studs.

At an overall weight of 4.4 ounces, the SOG Pent Arc is a strong and quick folder you can carry as EDC or self-defense.


  1. How much do the fullers reduce the blade weight? Two grams? Four grams? Those narrow fullers don’t look intimidating to me..

    • Tim

      January 3, 2019 at 10:36 am

      Fullers don’t reduce too much weight but if you cut off a few grams here and there, they can add up. They can also be a stylistic choice.

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