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SOG Flash II Knife Review


The knife community has its stable of opinions, but if I always listen to what they have to say, then there’s a good chance I would have already missed out on a number of great knives.

Today’s review is on the SOG Flash II, a slick budget folder that could have easily passed me by had I not started formulating my own carry knife criteria. This knife isn’t just tacti-cool, it’s tacitly practical.

For a long time, I had openly resisted the SOG Flash II, mostly because of how the knife looked on paper. But we have to get away from this style of thinking. Paper opinions or even YouTube reviews can’t compare to how things really apply to your daily life.

sog-flash-ii-2Many in the knife world claim the Flash II to be lame, cheap, or something only a novice would carry, but I’ve been trying to challenge those opinions head on. Despite some of the opinions about this knife, I believe the SOG Flash II is the perfect knife for getting shit done.

My preference for carry knives swings back and forth from bushcraft style blades at one side to tactical knives at the other. Needless to say, the pendulum is currently swinging toward the tactical side of things. I wanted to add a level of contrast to my daily routine by trading in my Ontario RAT 1 for something a little more aggressive and badass.

That’s where the Flash II comes in.

The Flash II packs quite the versatile punch. It has an overall blade length of 3.5 inches, half of which comes equipped with very stout and useful serrations. Its FRN frameless handle makes the Flash II’s weight almost immeasurable. The assisted-opening mechanism makes one-handed or gloved-operation a breeze.

And no one does deep carry pocket clips quite like SOG. That being said, the clip does come a little tight for my liking, but over time it did start to loosen up after I carried it regularly.

sog-flash-ii-3 (1)

All of these features that make the Flash II so versatile were things I had recently avoided, mainly because the amount of variety in the knife world is almost never ending. Over the years, the research has become one of the more interesting and most fun aspects of buying knives.

Experimenting with one’s personal EDC is where this lifestyle brings me the most joy. Trying out different carry methods, along with the integration of new tools, makes perfecting your EDC a small but very satisfying feeling.

The SOG Flash II, coupled with a Streamlight MicroStream, a Maxpedition Wallet, and a small first aid kit, is what I ended 2015 with. Packing these compact but useful items with me every day has made my life run just a little smoother.


Even after taking in all the differing opinions about this knife, the Flash II has exceeded expectations. Although it might not be something diehard members of the knife community usually carry, I believe the Flash II is possibly the best entry-level tactical blade on the market.

Beau Shelton is a contributor to Knife Depot and writes reviews for his site Knife Points. You can find him on Instagram and listen to his pocket knife podcast on The Stallion Radio Network.


  1. I love the Flash ll even more than the original. I’ve carried one off and on since its release and it’s been my EDC for a year or so.

    I liked the ll so much I bought a second one and havent had to sharpen either in multiple months of daily use.

    Maybe the knife is overlooked but its a great companion that you can replace if lost or stolen for around $60. So no need to carry your high dollar collectors…

    • I, too have carried a Flash II (plain edge) for some time and , as someone who carries 5 knives with me at any given time, I find myself reaching for the SOG more than any other. I live in Ontario , Canada, in a very rural location, which means I have never been challenged by the police for clanking about with my little arsenal-zombies, beware!! I use my SOG several times every day and love everything about -how it cuts, how it opens and closes, how it fits in the hand-this little knife feels so good I have often just sat holding it and rolling it back and forth in my palm. It’s negligent weight is almost magic–I have seldom felt a knife that feels so good. As I have been writing I have been wracking by brain to say there is one single thing I think could be improved , but right now I cannot think of one single thing. This is one of those rare knives that seem to constantly endear themselves to you the more you use -cancel that-handle them. SOG has created a masterpiece-again.

  2. Nice review of the SOG Flash tactical knife! I, like the other commetors believe that SOG makes a superior knife. The Flash is another great knife.

  3. The sog ll is a very good edc I’ve had mine for a few years and I love it.

  4. Kudos for standing up for the Flash II, Beau. No one should ever overlook it as an entry-level EDC, and personally, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to carry it as a backup. Such good value for money too IMHO. Like you said, it’s a knife that can get shit done 🙂

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