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Schrade SCHF51M and SCHF52M Now Available

The new for 2016 items from Schrade are still trickling in. The SCHF51M and SCHF52M models are now available at Knife Depot.

A few weeks ago we announced the availability of the SCHF51 and SCHF52 (which were updates on the well-received SCHF36 and SCHF37). So what’s the difference? For starters, the SCHF51M and SCHF52M both feature awesome Micarta handle scales as opposed to the TPE handles of the base models.

Schrade SCHF51M


Micarta is praised for being extremely tough and strong, which makes it a no-brainer for any survival or outdoor blade, such as these two Frontier models from Schrade.

What makes these models better than the SCHF36M and SCHF37M counterparts is the blade steel. Whereas the Micarta models of those two earlier knives had 8Cr13MoV high carbon steel, the SCHF51M and SCHF52M keep the 1095 carbon steel of the base models.

Schrade SCHF52M


With the upgrades to the blade steel, blade coating, and handle, the SCHF51M and SCHF52M models are must-have fixed blades for any bushcrafter.

As always, here is a video review of the two Micarta models.


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  1. I personally don’t believe 1095 hi carbon steel is any better than 8cr13 mov. Different steels for different people and environments. I prefer the 8cr13mov. It hold an aesg really well.

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