Of the many concerns for Olympic host cities, safety is one of the top priorities. For London, a city in full preparation for the upcoming Summer Games, this has been an even hotter topic than in past Olympics. London is still dealing with the global focus of their violent summer riots, in addition to rumors of terrorist attacks.

With that in mind, it is interesting that there will be an estimated 14 tons of guns, knives, and ammunition in the Olympic Stadium. That’s right: 14 tons. You will not be able to carry them in, nor will they be any help in protection. Rather, you might be sitting on them or using them to help yourself up the stairs.

In an effort to be sustainable, the Greater London Authority has collected and melted down 14 tons of guns and knives to make scrap metal. This metal is being used to actually build the stadium.

Scotland Yard donated the weapons and spent ammunition. Most of it is illegal weaponry confiscated from criminals, while the ammunition is collected from police firing ranges.

We think this seems like a great collaborative effort. Not only does it take guns and knives away from criminals whose actions give knife owners a bad reputation and make knife and gun laws overly harsh; it is also reusing them in a sustainable way.

Can you think of other projects that could pick up this repurposing effort?