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New Cold Steel Products of 2014

It’s well into 2014, but we’re still taking a look at the new knives coming out this year. Sure, some of the new knives are already out, but they’re definitely worth a post.

Here are the new Cold Steel knives of 2014.

Magnum Warcraft Tanto

Readers of the blog will remember that the Warcraft Tanto was the Badass Knife of the Week not too long ago, but the Magnum Warcraft Tanto is billed as a bigger and better version. The Magnum, like its younger brother, is made with CPM 3-V steel, it boasts a foot-long blade to make it more of a mini-sword.

1917 Frontier Bowie

One of the most anticipated of the new Cold Steel knives is the 1917 Frontier Bowie. With a blade length of a little more than 12 inches, the Frontier Bowie is one huge knife. The knife, which is larger and heavier than the Magnum, has a rosewood handle and a 1055 carbon steel blade. Although it’s almost laughably big, you’ll definitely make an impact with this blade.



Next up is the Eland, a folder with a ring lock. The Eland is similar to the Kudu, but the blade is an inch longer at 5.25 inches. The design is inspired by ring lock folders found more prominently in Africa. It has German 4116 stainless steel.

Garden and Camp Machete

The Garden and Camp Machete has a pretty unique design and is modeled after a popular tool in Africa. It has a good utilitarian design with a blade at 26 inches that can do things like cut grass or clear brush.

Kukri Machete Plus

The Kukri Machete Plus is a newer version of Cold Steel’s Kukri Machete. It has a blade length of 13 inches with 1055 carbon steel and a 5-inch polypropylene handle.

Thai Machete

Inspired by Thai sword, the Thai Machete is a unique tool with a long 14.5-inch handle and a long 22-inch blade.

Throwing Knives

Cold Steel released six new throwing knives this year as well. The throwers are all made of 1055 carbon steel and the designs vary in balance and design to accommodate all knife throwers.

Mini Flight Sport

Pro Flight Sport

Sure Flight Sport

Perfect Balance Sport

Pro Balance Sport

Sure Balance Sport

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the sheer amount of swords and longer blades Cold Steel pulled out this year. In one of the forums, a Cold Steel representative basically said it’s the year of the sword. Here are the swords and daggers coming out this year.

1917 Hybrid Cutlass

MAA Norman Sword

MAA Grosse Messer

MAA Two-handed Great Sword

MAA Italian Long Sword

MAA Italian Dagger

MAA Hand and a Half Sword

MAA Hand and a Half Dagger

Cold Steel is also releasing a couple of spears and halberds.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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  1. Would love the Bowie …..

  2. When will the magnum Warcraft tanto be available and how much will it cost.?

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