Zero Tolerance, a perennial winner of the Knife of the Year award from BLADE Magazine, is releasing six new products this year.

Along with the knives below, Zero Tolerance added a few modifications to other models, including a BlackWash finish to the 0560, 0350 and 0300 and a carbon fiber handle to the 0770.

ZT 0102

The first product we’re showing you (based on the model number) is the ZT 0102, which is Zero Tolerance’s introduction to the tactical tomahawk. It has an overall length of 16 inches and a handle with G-10 scales. It boasts Vanadis 4 extra powdered steel for durability and protection. The back spike is great for penetration and the pommel can be used as a pry bar.

ZT 0180

Based on Rick Hinderer’s Fieldtac, this tough fixed blade is lighter and smaller with a Vanadis 4 extra powdered steel blade. The blade is 9.2 inches overall with a 4.2-inch blade.

ZT 0562

This frame lock folder with a deep-carry clip is another collaboration between Zero Tolerance. It has an ELMAX powdered steel 3.5-inch blade with a flat-ground “slicer” grind.

ZT 0562CF

The 0562CF is the cousin of the 0562 because it features the same grind but has an M390 powdered steel blade. The handle has a carbon fiber front to reduce the weight, unlike the 0562, which has a textured G-10 front. It has the same KVT ball-bearing opening system and reversible clip as its cousin.

ZT 0620