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Man Who Returned Stolen Medford Knife Gets Cool Surprise

Knife sales from customer to customer happen all the time.

Someone puts up a knife for sale in a Facebook group or on a forum and another buys the knife used for a reasonable cost. The seller gets money and more room for other knives while the buyer gets a cool new knife.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go that way.

Aaron, who goes by the name of hkwinger on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media outlets, sold one of his Medford Titanium Praetorian knives to another person via Facebook. The knife was delivered to the person but the person said it was not on his doorstep when he got home and that it was stolen off his porch.

After some back and forth and shady behavior from the buyer, hkwinger gave him a refund because he was a man of his word. You can hear the whole story from hkwinger in two videos, which both act as cautionary tales for those who sell knives to others:

As you can imagine, hkwinger was not happy and put out a call to people to look for it.

By chance, another guy who is relatively new to knives named Joe Cucurillo bought a knife in a batch of others that turned out to contain the stolen knife. Someone noticed and let him know that it actually belonged to hkwinger.

Because Joe is such a good dude, he gave the knife back to him free of charge, even after paying big bucks for the Praetorian. Since no good deed should go unnoticed, Medford Knife & Tool wanted to do something cool for him.

Here is the video of what happened when Joe visited the Medford headquarters.

The whole saga is an interesting take on the knife world. On one end of the spectrum, sometimes you get one dishonest person who tries to scam or steal from others. On the other end, you get a bunch of great guys who do the right thing, even if they have to take a loss.

Kudos to Joe for returning the knife, kudos to hkwinger for providing the refund, kudos to Medford for giving Joe a new knife. All in all, the bad guy may have won but the good guys came out on top.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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  1. in the netherlands we say “Wie goed doet goed ontmoet “

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