For 40 years, Kershaw Knives has been at the top of its game, putting out some of the most respected knives on the market. The Leek, Blur, Clash, Amphibian, Cryo, Shuffle, Blackout, and Knockout have garnered cult followings over the years.

Kershaw is a perennial winner at the annual BLADE Show and remains one of the most respected brands out there. So it’s not surprising that Kershaw pulled no stops with its 40 year anniversary model: the Ruby model 4040.


The limited edition knife was produced to commemorate the four-decade anniversary and integrated many of Kershaw’s patented designs and features.

The Ruby features ZDP-189 premium blade steel, which has superb corrosion resistance and keeps a fine edge. The blade itself has a DLC (diamond-like coating) with laser etched lines and “40 years.”


Two slabs of titanium with aluminum back-spacers make up the handle. One side has the dates 1974 and 2014 etched into the diamond-like coating while the other side has the unique serial number.

The “ruby” moniker comes from the red anodized surface of the back-spacers.


Interestingly, the knife only opens manually, but also features a flipper mechanism. Here’s what the official description of the knife says: “It may be a manual knife, but it opens one-handed and so smoothly that you’ll never miss the mechanical assist.”

The knife was a limited edition model that sold for $400 exclusively through Kershaw’s website on November 13. Unsurprisingly, the knife sold out in a little more than a minute.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Ruby, the Edge Observer has a thorough article that looks at the knife in more detail.