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Knife Podcasts You Should Listen To


I am addicted to podcasts. I pop them on when I’m cleaning the house, sharpening my knives, and going for walks.

With hundreds of thousands of unique podcasts, there’s no dearth of something to listen, including dozens of pods 100 percent dedicated to sewing. But what about us knife nuts?

It’s true that there are far fewer knife-related podcasts than there should be, but there are at least seven that every knife fan should be subscribed to. Let us know in the comments if we missed any.

This post was originally published in December 2016, but there have been a few new podcasts in the last few months and others that have faded away. I’m hoping these are here to stay.

Gear Geeks Live

This is one of the longest running knife-related podcasts out there. Except when it took a short hiatus, the pod has been publishing at least once a month for around four years. Gear Geeks Live is hosted by Anthony Sculimbrene of Everyday Commentary (a personal favorite). In the past few months, Sculimbrene has been joined by the great Nick Shabazz.

The guys take a thorough look at the goings on in the knife world including new releases, the news, and more. They also do interviews with folks around the knife community and interviewed knifemaker Jesse Jarosz in the past. Sculimbrene and Shabazz have a nice rapport.

If you’re a knife fan who listens to podcasts, subscribe to GGL immediately.

iTunes Link: Gear Geeks Live

Mark of the Maker

Mark of the Maker is a pretty new podcast that first started in December 2017. The podcast is a group discussion from knifemakers Tom Krein, Sean Kendrick, and Michael Burch and hosted by Mark Stheiner. They say it is like a group of friends sitting around and talking about knives — and that’s pretty much what it is.

There are 10 episodes so far. The first few are introductions, but it’s really starting to hit its stride with some interesting topics. The most recent pod focused on knives in the movies, which was very entertaining.

Site Link: Mark of the Maker

Knife Nuts

The Knife Nuts Podcast — hosted by Levon, Dave, Jake, and Brian — is insane. It is essentially four dudes rambling about knives and taking outrageous tangents into different territories. But it’s still somehow a must-listen.

The podcast has been going for a solid year about once a month. If you have to start somewhere, I recommend the interview with knifemaker Aaron Frederick, who regales the guys with insider stories (the episode title is *clears throat* Big Country Big D***).

They usually cover things in the news, go on various detours through the knife world, answer questions from listeners, and aren’t afraid to burn bridges.

Site Link: Knife Nuts


KnifeCast is a podcast by Tyler, Josh, and Frank who talk various knife-related topics. Their latest episode explores the world of the high-end knife market, including how to find makers, tips for ordering a knife, and more.

The pod started in January and there are only seven episodes out right now. The first episode is the origin story of the guys.

iTunes Link: KnifeCast

Behind the Blade

Behind The Blade is another really excellent podcast. The knife is hosted by Jim Steward of Bark River Knives and Matt Martin of Vehement Knives. They have a few recurring segments, including a live look at what’s in their pockets, a quick review of the latest knife news, history, and more.

The original conceit was for the guys to post a new pod every Friday, but it has since became less frequent.

Site Link: Behind The Blade

Preferred Blades

The Preferred Blades Podcast from the Knife Guys is another new podcast that has jumped up into one of the best. The podcast is hosted by knifemaker Gary Creely and Doug Chapman who works as a Spyderco dealer.

There are a few regular segments, including looking at knife news and “steel of the week.” So far, they’ve looked at midtech knives, best knife values at different levels, and interviewed sharpener Michael Christy.

As of right now, the podcast is essentially monthly — though the guys don’t really talk about a schedule because it’s hard to nail things down when it’s not your 9 to 5.

iTunes Link: Knife guys Preferred Blades

Knife Talk

I would describe Knife Talk as a podcast in the same vein as WTF with Marc Maron. Comedian Marc Maron started his interview show as a way to talk to fellow comedians about their experiences (and work through his many issues early on). Host Craig Lockwood doesn’t have the same issues, but he is an aspiring knifemaker who interviews other knifemakers to learn more.

Unlike all the other podcasts, it is purely an interview show with knifemakers, so it doesn’t talk much about production knives or news. Still, it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Site Link: Knife Talk

The Knife Journal Podcast

Finally, there is another classic that’s been going for a while. The Knife Journal Podcast recently released episode 106 at the time of publication. The podcast is hosted by James Nowka and Kyle Ver Steeg.

It’s basically two guys shooting the breeze and talking about knives, bladed tools, and all types of outdoor topics. They also stray into other areas and aren’t afraid to rile certain communities.

The podcast comes out a bit more sporadically than others, so don’t expect a consistent schedule. They’ve also been posting their episodes on YouTube as videos of them talking if that’s your thing.

iTunes Link: The Knife Journal Podcast

Knife Pods No Longer Updated

A few great knife podcasts have come and gone — whether it’s because the hosts are too busy or the audience just isn’t there. Since the backlogs are usually still relevant (knives never really get old), here are some of the best knife pods that no longer put out new stuff.

Knife Thursday

The folks who run the Knife Thursday properties across social also used to put on a podcast in which they talked knives and interviewed other knife enthusiasts.

Equip 2 Endure

This was more of a preparedness and gear podcast than a knife-only podcast, but they did talk about knives a lot. There are more than 500 episodes in the backlog with a fair amount still available on iTunes.

Utility Talk

Utility Talk featured Mario and Manny talking about knives and gear. It was light, entertaining, and funny. You can still find some of the old podcasts on the web.

The Knife Making Podcast

This podcast was created by Justin Halbert of Snake River Forge. Instead of analyzing knives and talking about them, Justin got into the nitty gritty of knifemaking. This was in the original list, but it hasn’t been active since 2016. The old episodes are still worth a listen.

The Modern Neanderthal

This was another podcast that has since gone the way of the dodo. A trio of guys—Nick, Auston, and Richard—hosted the podcast, but they often got interviews from knifemakers.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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  1. This is a real gem. Very nicely crafted

  2. Thanks for the shout out! More great guests in the pipeline.

  3. Thanks for sharing us with podcasts. We should enough careful about that.

  4. I tried Gear Geeks Live, and all I got was Nick responding to questions(?) from someone not audible. Made no sense to me.

  5. Well you certainly nailed the essence of the Knife Nuts Podcast

  6. Tim, I just came across this listing. Thanks for including Mark of the Maker in your list! There are lots of choices for folks today in the knife podcast world, it’s a great time for knife people who enjoy the podcast format.

    • Thanks for the comment, Mark. There are thankfully more and more knife podcasts out there, but Mark of the Maker consistently remains one of the best.

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