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‘Knife Kid’ Captures the Joy We All Experience with Knives

Viral videos are often lame, but every now and again a video permeates the knife community by perfectly capturing what we have known all along and what the world at large often forgets: knives are awesome.

Behold, the knife kid.

Welcome back. You undoubtedly watched that video at least five times in a row. It’s not your fault necessarily since some videos may be scientifically impossible to watch just one time.

Here’s the back story before we get into what I love about the video.

According to an interview with The Washington Post, 22-year-old Chelsey Ryan was hosting a party Labor Day weekend when she Snapchatted a video of her 5-year-old cousin who was being particularly rambunctious that day.

That’s when the hilarity ensued.

The boy named Jonathan — now dubbed the Knife Kid — is seen running around an above ground pool full of glee. When someone asks what he has, he says a knife with reckless abandon and keeps running. The comedic timing is impeccable.

Apparently, the boy had pickpocketed the knife from a relative and ran around with it while it was closed.

While most people probably love the video for its simple hilarity, knife enthusiasts likely love the video for a different reason: it perfectly encapsulates the sheer joy and madness we are filled with when we get a new knife in the hand.

The next time I get a knife, I’m surely going to yell “a knife!” in his intonation when my wife asks me what I have.


  1. I’ve carried a knife since I was 8 (A Cub Scout knife). My mother bought me that knife. Obviously, she didn’t think an 8-yr-old carrying a knife everyday was that big of a deal. I still don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s a 3″ knife, not Samurai sword.

  2. This is beyond stupid. There is nothing funny or comedic about a 5 year old running with a knife, and any responsible parent or knife enthusiast would think the same. What if the knife would have been open.

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